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  1. Afsana Aziz

    Kate was so pretty and adorable then😍

  2. alicia acevedo

    Love this!!

  3. Yeendale Acain

    Chic .😍

  4. Liz Villanueva

    I love Patrick Starr!

  5. Esha Lavie


  6. Teresia Makau

    You inspire me
    I love you big

  7. The Luetcke Life


  8. Flor Berlinski


  9. Celeste Villarreal

    Omg when she had long hair!!💞

  10. Donna DiPaola

    I can only handle so much whining.

  11. Sharon Mamuremi

    Did anyone else notice that they laid out a rug but didn't rug cuddle? 😕 Whyyyyy???? 😭

  12. Kristen Elder

    Patrikstar is just…

    Say whatever u want in the replies

  13. Douglas Arnest

    Omg I love u guys sooooo much I can’t stop watching u guys. Can u do my room? Is it free or do we have to pay?

  14. Sripriya Gopi

    Joey is hilarious.. he was just so confused and didn't even bother to fit in

  15. All About the Twins

    Joey was SO annoyed and so uncomfortable around Patrick to the point that they didn’t do a rug cuddle 🙁 honestly I would be the same no hate but Patrick was annoying Joey the whole time he was annoying

  16. Nikhale Truesdale

    Okay joey was unconturble so what she is man so what again whatever makes you happy i guess 😰😰

  17. Avery Wyman

    Pactrick was hitting on Joey Kate watch ur man

  18. Natalie Luka

    joey was 100% done the entire video

  19. Collecting Tiny


  20. Ben.raghad _

    Any one in 2019??

  21. sofia dc

    6:44 or 6:45 he said Filipino like if u are Filipino ⭐️⭐️

  22. Fizza Aamir

    I cannot imagine a single day without watching Mr. Kate. ♥️

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