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  1. Raindrops

    Marry me 💙 you are a male version of me.

  2. SocialAnxietyAnd Me

    You look good with no hair. You have a new subscriber! Thank you for sharing your story. I resonate so much with everything you were talking about. I look forward to seeing more of your videos!

  3. Moises

    my social anxiety got worse because of acid

  4. CanndyDrive Gaming

    Who care anyway

  5. CanndyDrive Gaming

    I see the world and people like
    There or

  6. CanndyDrive Gaming

    I don’t do community stuff because I don’t fit in them
    Because I like so much stuff
    And people never see that

  7. CanndyDrive Gaming

    Yep you allow people to get in your
    World and trying to drive u to places

  8. CanndyDrive Gaming

    I laugh at those silly shit
    I do or think 🤔
    I just don’t care what people think of me or feel or judge me from a distance
    Looking at me with a popular face 😎

  9. CanndyDrive Gaming

    Being social is not new

    Because your mother learns
    U to be social

  10. CanndyDrive Gaming

    Stop blaming yourself for
    Not being social

    If people want to be social talk act normal to a person is same way
    U want to be treated

    Some people just want your attention
    To use it against u

    And if son was really wanted to
    Get to know u don’t ever mimic someone not everyone see it self
    Like u see them 😂🤣😂🤣🤩🤪🥰😍😇😅🤣🤓😎

  11. CanndyDrive Gaming

    Social if you living in a apartment

    Is that not the same like being social
    U don’t need to be close by to be social

    If you was not that social
    Then you should live in the jungle

  12. Kay Rae

    I have bad SA. I give you major props for getting out of that comfort zone. Maybe I will try to compliment strangers or something.

  13. Drew

    Ok so I have no friends , I don’t have the house and I wonder why I’m so social awkward

  14. Hipster MossosIV

    You're great! Thank you

  15. James tao

    I've had social anxiety for some time. Currently I am a tattoo artist and I never thought I'd get to this point but I also have been 3 months out of work and my anxiety has become so large that I dont know how to get back out into the world. I put everyone far above my self when I spend this much time alone. I also moved to a new place so the idea of joining a new shop freaks me out. I'm trying to change my perspective and see people for what they are. But at the moment they seem like monsters. It's crazy how irrational this is. And usually my fear is just the time before meeting someone. As time goes on I relax alot and can talk like an extrovert. But if I'm waiting for a client who I dont know. Especially if it's a attractive girl I shake and cant breath and am so intimidated by them soon arriving. I hope I can get through this because the pain of not moving forward is also pretty intense. thank you for making this video

  16. Phoenix

    Feel you so much.

  17. chicken nugget

    Have you read “The four agreements”?? Before

  18. Marissa

    Developed air sign culture

  19. pu _ia_Up

    man , you'v got a new subscriber
    salute you

  20. Danny Leinad

    I hear you mate. I am short my hair receding at 31. Hated school, still hate public places especially when its crowded. Not sure if I do suffer social anxiety but the video helps


    You're an amazing guy and I have nothing but respect and love for you!

  22. Finnish Ski Bum

    I'm kinda weird. I have had sex with 30 different women since I was 18 now I'm 25. Some real hot ones too. But I still have social anxiety.

  23. Finnish Ski Bum

    I got rid of my social anxiety kinda same way!! When I was a bit tipsy with my friend (not drunk) we went to random people and said the most weird things like ''wanna come to my place and eat honey of my tummy?'' It was a pretty fun '' hobby'' too 😀

  24. Alec Urquhart

    I’m at the point to where I can’t even talk to people without having a mini panic attack and I can’t even order food without freaking out in my head

  25. Alec Urquhart

    Omg I’m so happy I found this video I am the same exact way except I can’t control it at all and there’s nothing I’ve found to help me and idk what to do and I’m only 15

  26. Marie Madl

    damn i'd like more people to think like that.

  27. americium


  28. Nic Duncan

    I never really used to have social anxiety, up until I got cheated on.. That blow to my self-esteem really made me worry so much more about what people might think of me.. I close way the fuck up when I meet people now, and I feel super overwhelmed when its too crowded around me. Shit sucks

  29. ImELFY

    Everyones gangsta until you move away from your old friends and realise you cant make anymore.

    It sucks because theres a part of me which want to go back to when i loved going outside and talking to people. Middle school was bliss i had loads of friends but there was one problem, i never had a real girlfriend so all of my ither friends brag about dating other girls and im just there awkwardly. There were girls that liked me but i never liked them because i thought i was more important and better looking for them.

  30. Greg1928ory

    Thank you

  31. YeahForSure

    I feel like Im you. Literally everything that you described is my symptoms too.

  32. AzoRonics

    Did you steal PsychedSubtances (Adams) video?

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