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  1. vibrationwave

    bless. thank you so much. <3

  2. Miss AK

    I’ve been waiting for ALL that GOOD LUCK!!!!! 🙏

  3. Yes Martines

    Wow ! 100% resonates. I was actually having a mild breakdown and received the notification for your video . I really needed to hear your guidance, your words. Definitely dont want another decade of the bs.

  4. Sabine

    Thank you!! Once again you're telling me exactly what I needed to hear right now ❤️

  5. Arushi C.

    When you spoke hindi 😩😍😍😍 love from India. 😭♥️

  6. hawkchild

    Such a great reading. I'm a cancer rising and this really resonates. Everybody was rooting for me because I set off to do what seemed impossible, and then I did it. And now, they have admitted they are jealous. They think I got there easy (I didn't) and so that makes them feel insecure about their own abilities. Also, I do have a beneficial pisces in my life. So spot on. Thank you, Amber!

  7. jessie SX

    This reading was on another level “karmic”.

  8. D F

    thq n love you too 🙂

  9. JuneBabe2010

    I sit back and let people hang themselves. I'm just staying to myself and working hard. I want to close out 2019 with a big bag and I'm focused on that. Cancers are in cutting season, we cutting friends, family, jobs and relationships not for our higher selves if not now in the beginning of 2020. Taking time for ourselves but also working hard is essential. When we do for ourselves above others we make waves.

  10. Miss Davids

    damn can ppl just leave us tf alone i mean it; this time i will snatch you BACK i've come too damn far

  11. Miss Davids

    idgaf about anybody i am all about my schmoney bags

  12. Kim LaLonde

    Love you💝

  13. Priscilla Douglas

    4 minutes and 55 seconds in and I'm getting emotional. I just want to say I love you ❤🔮♋


    mean person is one who makes no effort to understand or empathize with others, but acts in their own interest without caring who else gets hurt. … Mean used to mean stingy, or greedy, but has come to include all the above types of useless cruelty.


    YOU sound so sweet today..the best version of you!!

  16. MyLucid Ng

    You're so beautiful amber jeez🙄

  17. man86ify

    The Fountain 😊

  18. Lucky Sprite

    Thank you SO MUCH 😘

  19. Pink City Kitty

    Woke up and saw 4:44am on the clock; feeling dry AF I decided to drink some water, but then I suddenly felt nauseous. 😣 Long story short, I've been purging all weekend.

  20. phyllis moore

    Hold on, Q you’re a cross-walker! I’ve heard you speak in Hindi and Arabic? Whattup??

  21. klarissa Botello

    I just liked it automatically before it even starts . Bc I appreciate you uploading cancer so soon lol

  22. Remedy Readings

    Had to watch it twice, like an affirmations video. Mwahaha! We're so blessed, moonchild fam. She spoils us. Loves you!

  23. MihaEla Bodea

    The extended, I-I-i aiai told you so 😂😂😂😂😂 too funny
    Ok, I’ll wait for that 👍
    Thank you!

  24. NikoNOJ

    You look SO good in this one. Haha

  25. alay willi

    I love your readings. You are amazing!!

  26. Mia Vargas

    Ooo wee earlyyyy WHAT OMG ok watching 😚

  27. Olivia Guillory

    The test of haters have already begun.

  28. online cin

    love the pink eyeshadow 🥺 very on brand with this cancer reading.

  29. Miriam Garcia

    Love u beautiful God bless you❤💗 you are so correct!

  30. El G.

    I always like the video before even watching hah

  31. Verly Gatelang

    I just want to say THANK YOU for always giving hope and always being candid with your readings! 😍 Happy Holidays!

  32. Jen Doe

    Im cross watching for a Cancer sun, I’m a Scorpio and I’m actually blown away, Amber! This was probably the most accurate reading I’ve seen. SCARY accurate!! Thank you for confirming what has just happened and what will be happening on the 26th when I see him for 2 days! 💓


    Yeah but my bills are so in the corner that will be my chanced to stop. From stressing ..

  34. Xi M


  35. Ellieora Hernandez

    It's our time 🙂 Thank you Amber!

  36. bbutterfly36

    Thank you 😊

  37. Lady Bohemia

    That wallpaper is everything…
    Aaaaaand great reading. 💓

  38. Brenda Trancoso

    Empress Vibes🙌🏻 Lets Get It! Lol Sun In Cancer🌞 Venus In Gemini & Moon In Virgo

  39. Ousha Ghurasingh

    Damn right! A lot of healing comes thru what’s coming. Thank you! Always love peace and jah bless

  40. jsmartinez07

    I love your hair!

  41. Tracy Ratelle

    Yeah I know, we Cancers are a pain in the butt. 😛

  42. Lauren Bennett

    First time watching a reading for my moon and damn, every single sentence you said was a moment of clarity I didn’t know I needed

  43. Nessie S.

    Spot on! Hustling in private mode #moonchild 🙏🏻 ♋️ thank you Amber!

  44. Elena Cervantes

    So true everyone has been hating and i cant understand mid 2018 to early 2019 was a tough growing year and i deserve this sucess

  45. HUM Awaz

    Cancerian here.. yar pichla pora saal to buhat hi bura raha.. har tarah sa..

  46. Clark Road

    Its only money..that's not important to me….the world is in a spin over it,,,does my head in……I search for the greater/higher good,,,,the light🔥🔥

  47. Melinda D


  48. Haley Pate


  49. TheFeminine MoonEnergy

    You always know

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