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  1. Bilal Usman

    dilivery k bad mera pait bahut latak gaya hai kya dilivery k bad pait ko b slim krlygi or mera baby 5 month ki hai or mujy feed b krti hai kya min ye use krskti hun

  2. Vanessa Combate

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  3. Hajra Javed

    Agar 5 din main pait kam na ho to is KO or kitnay din pina ha? Kindly ans kar dayn.thx

  4. Farida Rasool

    Lemon geras kaha mile ga

  5. Jabin Syed

    Hajrat .. please msg all the ingredients which u have told in the above vedio …

  6. Mujahidwgl Syed

    Lemon grass kya hai


    Good job, thanks natural health Tips

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