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    Sir my problem very sad
    L4 l5 s1 plz help sir i am from india mob 9814141398

  2. Danielle Mccarter

    I’ve had this 100 times not working for me si joint just comes back out next day. I am now crippled from this hip/si condition what can be done.

  3. Chandrasekar Subramani

    good explanation sir thank u

  4. Özgür

    Taylan kardesim ne zaman bulusalim simdi ayin biri mi diosun

  5. Fabián Costales

    Excelent explanation I havent seen any other quiro to explain so perfect. Thanks.

  6. Veronica Rivas

    I wish you were here in Houston! My last chiropractor couldn’t pop or adjust my left side I think it was. I know it’s my left leg that is bent on top, but every time she tried the left side nothing would happen it’s as if I was stuck from that side. And when I would ask her I couldn’t really get a good explanation.


    Thank you John sir love nd respect from India ❤️

  8. Franco Secchi

    Hi John,
    I get often adjusted by chiropractors and they all talk about posterior scrum as opposed to referring to the ilium…also their hand contact is on the sacrum…how can u minimize lumbar spine rotation with this technique? Thanks

  9. Sanoop Ck

    Thank you sir for sharing your knowledge,,,,,,,,its really valuable for us .

  10. ip man

    Thank you so much for all your great videos..!

  11. John Ditta


  12. Dr. Ben Klyachman

    This is awesome! Keep up the good work! ❤️If you would like to see some similar health-related videos, check me out! https://www.youtube.com/user/bklyach


    Another great video Dr. Gibbons! It's is very hard to know for sure where the cavitation occurs. Lumbar facets tend to cavitate with a higher frequency sounding crack or pop, compared to the SIJ's deeper clunk. That's because it has such a much larger joint surface area. In addition, the upper side contact tends to move the more mobile lumbosacral or L4/5 facets, which are so close to the SIJ. However, taking a sacral contact on the downside joint seems to move the SIJ more specifically, if there is such a thing. Again, you are just trying to gap a joint and create mobility, not "reposition" a bone. Again, great video, and I love your work.

  14. Zachariah Kvidt

    How do you know exactly where the cavitation occurred?


    Superb sir👌great demonstration 👍

  16. Dr. S. P.

    Nicely explained once again.

  17. Karthika Anil

    Sir please talk slowly… I cant follow.. But great work.. Thank u..

  18. Dr. J

    Excellent explanation, and great demo! Thanks Dr. Gibbons!

  19. Dominic Clark

    Another great video! Thanks John! Your course transformed my Practice. I look forward to doing more study with you in the future. 👍

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