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  1. Char Char Binks

    The Matt in Chat Knows A Lot About That

  2. kianhoc li m

    Sorry, if its advert, i am out of line here. I just realise.

  3. kianhoc li m

    I used the wooden ones, it can be similar harder material, no cushioning. So, you feel different pressure. Supposed to yield better result. Not for starters & need pro guidance.

  4. kianhoc li m

    My experiences only, thru my expert physio. When in lying position with the gadget attached to yr spine, the chin shud be down aligned to yr throat area. Also, the helper expert will put some chi-like pressure on outer parts of shoulder & near ribs with his palms. Helps in decompression of the spine. It feels great & for posture as well. Do this regularly, as it keeps you from back problems. As i said, it's my experience. Seek expert opinions first, if you do as i did.

  5. Paul Douglas

    Does it crack your back?

  6. TBrusk Versace

    What if you’re 6 foot?

  7. John Snow

    Is it good for cracking your back, or no?

  8. John Ames

    if you are undoing everything as soon as you stand up then isn't it useless?

  9. cj1983utube

    Nice vid 🙂 . I had really bad lower back pain a few times myself (hardly able to walk). I used a board similar to this that i found on Amazon. The first time i used it i could hardly use it on the lowest arch setting, as my back was so stiff and i was barely able to lean back into it. However, now i can use it on the max arch setting. I have absolutely no back pain after a couple of weeks using it and i only have to use it once or twice a week for maintenance for about 5-10 mins. You will certainly hear the cracks and pops in your back when u first use it as the tension and compression is released. It might feel a bit uncomfortable at first, so relax gently and keep your legs arched. However, it's now easy and comfortable, plus relaxing to use. I think having such a sedentary life style and sitting in an office all day ruins our back strength, flexibility and causes a lot of back problems. You will also notice you get hardly any headaches when your back is feeling fine.

  10. drizzy5ify

    Awesome review thanks!

  11. Mary Kay H

    I’ve had this for 5+ years and love this thing. It hurts at first but works.

  12. Tom Carey

    Thanks Matt I have had one didn’t know how to use it and if anyone wants to know it does help we’ll done Matt you got a new sub

  13. Elizabeth Dean

    Thank you. Videos like this are very helpful when I'm looking for new tools to help manage my pain.

  14. quarles09

    I work with medical transportation and today a client of mine told me about this device. I have a crooked spine and reoccurring back pains. she said it worked wonders for her and It’ll work for me. definitely gonna get this.

  15. Coyne

    anyone know if this will help with height?

  16. Katie Noeller

    you're not supposed to lay flat on the floor after resting on the spineworks. You are supposed to roll over to knees and hands and rest two minutes on the hand and knees while your back adjusts. I think laying flat on the floor un does what the spineworks did

  17. Ordinary Redneck

    I feel relaxed listening to this LOL

  18. m Daly

    Ok…thx again🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁

  19. m Daly

    Hi🌞Thank for doing the vid…When j clicked on the yoga mat it said sorry couldn't loacate the page…Plz tell me the measurements of your mat…I'd like to try this🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁


    Thanks I just got a board and it did not come with instructions. I sort a figured most of it out, except for using a pillow, I have a "neck wedge" foam thing, I will use it with that. The wedge has helped my neck pain. My chiropractor always did a good job, but now my insurance will no longer pay for it, so I need something else, thanks

  21. jaypack9

    Great video. Appreciate the upload

  22. DaoistMonkey

    are you able to breathe better after getting off the board or is it more difficult afterwards?

  23. Joe Sabbagh

    How can I BUY IT WHOLESALE??

  24. belinda

    How often do you use the spine-worx alignment board?

  25. Username not found Error

    Very sensual

  26. jzart814

    It worxed! For me ! I had sciatica and back pain for over a year after 10 days i am pain free !

  27. memeoid1

    Do you think there's point in trying this for minor adult idiopathic scoliosis?

  28. Jon Lambert

    Could this be used by someone who has "Bamboo" Spine or "S" shaped spine?

  29. Cristian Gutierrez


  30. Daaz

    Great video, Matt!

  31. Desert Wolf

    I do a lot of writing and my lower back gets sore from all the sitting, so I really need this. I've also been using gravity boots which really help for a good stretch.

  32. sexisaweapon lewis

    Got mine today, I was on it 5 min, nothing at all, I let my legs down my back made a loud crack and my pain, I have had for like a year was instantly gone.

  33. sexisaweapon lewis

    Bought one on Amazon toay, it will be delivered Sat, I will come back and respond after using it.

  34. Sabrina Picard

    My boyfriend had a minor slipped disc so I got this for him since he didn't have insurance and couldn't afford a chiropractor. He used it for 2 month's and now he has little to no pain.
    I would recommend this for anyone who has back problems.

  35. Matt KnowsThat

    Sorry for anyone looking for my two websites right now. I just changed hosting companies and haven't moved and relaunched the sites yet.

  36. Travis Yorek

    cannot find your website Matt

  37. Connie Greer Smith

    Nice Demo, Matt.  Thank you for taking the time to create the video.  I've heard good things about this product.  But not in awhile.

  38. Javae

    It works!!!! it helped me on my first try!!

  39. Nicole MK

    Thanks I've been really on the fence with this thing! Glad to see it,

  40. Jennifer Foster

    Thank you so much for saying exactly what it does while you are laying on the device. Getting a good stretch to me is different than say, this product actually allows my body to "adjust" by just laying on it.

    I too have had back pain for years (the last 12 years).

    After years and years of physical therapy, massages, injections, chiropractor, surgery.. I've gone full circle.

    It seems I will never stop having back pain, but can do what I can to manage it. With my ribs moving constantly this can take a toll on the pain scale and the pocket book (when you have to go to the chiropractor to fix it).

    Anything that may help me to keep my little vertebrae and ribs back in the "normal" locations they should be, without having to go to the chiropractor would be helpful.

    So, I think I will give it a whirl. While I know everyone's body is different I greatly appreciate that Someone finally said what I've been looking for on a review. 🙂

    Thanks again Matt!

  41. tuohaileopardyao

    Hi, I like your sleeping mat, too, where can i get it?

  42. ptov77

    How tall are you? I'm about 6'1 and I am skeptical if this works for short or tall users. I don't believe in "one size fits all"

  43. Gabe Castellanos

    Great video. Thank you

  44. evergrn76

    Matt…Totally agree-have used for several years…really helps.  Have recommended to family & friends.

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