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  1. Diaryofabeautygeek

    Time stamps-

    0:00 Subscription and gifted details

    2:27 Intro to December box, christmas crackers (which are now on sale, see description) & January sneak peak

    3:50 unboxing
    Look Fantastic
    This December box won't be available until the 1st December. If you sign up before this date, you will receive a November box

    Thanks for watching, Claire xx

  2. itsggsparkle

    I unsubscribed from this last month when I seen the sneak peek, too much sleek they don't excite me too many eyeshadows from tgem now maybe if it was a highlighter and i feel the same with eyeko too always getting that in subscriptions too xx

  3. Lightning Lass

    Lovely box. Not enticed to get it but am chuffed! Saving money hehe xxx
    Lovely unboxing xxx

  4. Michelle Smith

    Not a box that super excites me. Think I probably expected a little more for December.

  5. Kinkylicious83

    Nice box.

  6. chloe 66

    Disappointing! Wont be using the eyelashes and another black eyeliner?

  7. Heather & Kaylee Mosher

    I hope i get a different palette i'm not a natural person. Liked 1 color lol, wish there was a lippie tho 🙁

  8. Gucci Barker

    Really preferred last years box compared to
    This 🙁

  9. Marianna Silano

    I was expecting a more exciting box for December, for me there is too much makeup. Fortunately the advent calendar is waiting for me!😁😁❤

  10. Lucinda S

    Sleek is "dollar store" makeup here…I saw a bundle of sleek makeup the other day that was 49 products for $49AUD (33US or 25GBP). Really pretty box but this is the 3rd in a row that's been lacklustre for me I hope next year they pick it up a bit, this used to be one of my favourite boxes.

  11. ralitsa hristova

    Thanks, Claire. You look great as always 🥰

  12. katrina's beauty

    This was a complete let down, where's the sparkle and glitter for Xmas, last year we got a beautiful red lip crayon, they could have given a nice lipstick maybe in a Berry or red for Christmas parties. Any eyeshadow palettes I've got lately even in advent calendar have been browns and beige. I'm nearly finished my 2nd 12 month subscription ,I don't think I'll be renewing

  13. Filipa MEIRELES

    Why don't you save your money and go to a dentist?

  14. Paige Edwards

    I completely agree! Sleek is a great brand… But… It's literally in every beauty box these days. It's no longer exciting to receive 🙁 I've got that exact same pallet already from a glossy box a few months ago 🙄 it's a great pallet… But… It's not exactly unique!

  15. Suse B

    To be honest I'd be disappointed with this 100%.

  16. marklola12

    Sleek must depend on the money from companies that pay them for a bulk lot of their makeup to put in sub box's lol and these pallettes lack pigment for me

  17. marklola12

    Nothing is £5.6p lol when do you see anything for sale that is something and 6p

  18. Jerry Coady -Space Angel

    Your eye makeup looks gorgeous Claire. Very classic, pretty and really suits you darling. You should do a tutorial on that look. I'm sure it would be enjoyed by beauty enthusiasts. :-)x

  19. christine Sanders

    Hi Claire, would you be so kind as to film your trial of the peel cream product from this box.

    Kind regards 😁

  20. Helen Murphy

    Ooh look!! More sleek, I’m definitely not sick of receiving the same few pallets. I can’t even give the things away now.

  21. kelly seed

    The only thing I'm looking forward to in the box is the box….. I'm thinking I shouldn't have got my step niece a gift because she's getting the palette, eyeliner and eyelashes, she's going to be a happy bunny with that and the bath melt set I got her 🤣😂🤣

  22. Alison Campbell

    Seems fine to me. I'd rather have a more colourful palette, so hopeing for one of the others. Sleek are fine, they were just doing good drugstore palettes before others were so they're a bit.. done. Which is kind of unfair on them as a brand. Lashes are always good, and I use eyeliner a lot. Interested in the other items. So while a bit more glam would be nice, it's a solid box.

  23. English learning with Sarah

    I'm a bit dissapointed with this box. I was expecting something special for december. is it possible to cancel my subscription just for this Month and get it back in January?? 😅

  24. mizztikle

    This will be my 4th LF box and the 1st I think I'll be returning, I'm not impressed at all and I'm usually so happy with their boxes. The only thing I would like is the serum and the peel other than that it feels very birchbox like (not a good thing).

  25. Gloria Fattore

    Like box

  26. Penny B Beauty

    I completely agree about sleek when I see that or Bella Pierre my heart sinks. So much that after the sneak peak last month I unsubscribed. I love the skincare heavy look fantastic boxes not the cheap make up ones. Love your reviews and your polite constructive honesty xx

  27. Abbie Hops

    I think I’ll be giving this box a miss. I got the eyeliner in the Black Friday box and I don’t really bother with the eyelashes. The amount of eyeliners I’ve accumulated over the past few months from the boxes, I could probably open my own shop lol

  28. Swag Star

    Love the lip colour you're wearing ❤

  29. Corinne Walls

    Looks a much better box this month that I'll want to keep for myself and can't wait to try the face peel xxx

  30. Dropdeadfred *

    That BB primer is amazing….I'm really not impressed by the other items though …especially for Dec box x

  31. Lara Jo

    Definitely agree with what you said about sleek seem to get a lot of the same from them in Glossybox

  32. Catherine Hartley

    Disappointed with this as a December box, thought there would be a bit more 'glitz and glamour'. I've just received my Black Friday box and for £5 more, it's massively worth the little extra. As always, thanks for the unboxing video Claire 😊 x

  33. Nat MUA

    Love your makeup xx

  34. Elena Adina

    Never clicked on a video so fast in my life… I've been waiting for this spoiler for a few days now. Thank you for sharing. 😘

  35. Megan Earley

    I'm a little disappointed to be honest. I don't use false lashes or liquid liner and the other things apart from the palette are Birchbox size samples 🙁

  36. Sab Cio

    This will be my fourth sleek pallet 🤦🏼‍♀️

    Instead of looking at the box, I was still looking at your eyes! Lol 🧡 just gorgeous!

  37. Laura Van der Does

    For a december box it is a little meh. I miss the sparkles. 😂 November box was much better.

  38. alessiapasto

    I agree about the Sleek thing and I think the same about liquid eyeliners: too much in subscription boxes! But I'm excited for the Bumble&Bumble protector (I really needed a new one since my Living Proof 5in1 is going to finish) and for the peeling! Can't wait to get it!

  39. Silvia Clinori

    I really like your make up! <3

  40. Samantha Sargent

    Wowzers, what an underwhelming box for December.

  41. Nikki P

    Hello from Canada 🙂 Love watching your videos <3

  42. Jóhanna Kloch

    Thank you soo much 🤗🤗

  43. Claire Brookes

    I agree about Sleek. I like the brand but they do seem to be in basically every subscription box (eyeko, lord and berry and laritzy too). However for the most I think look fantastic is my favourite box.
    Cant wait to try that peel.

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