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  1. Diaryofabeautygeek

    Timestamp – 1:44 Hi there, this is a pr box so i've received it early to show you all. Please note that to subscribe to receive this box, you need to do it from the 1st August, if you subscribe before you will receive the July box first. I hope you enjoy watching, speak soon. Claire xx

  2. Valentina 82

    Grazie mille 👍😊

  3. Madison

    Your make up looks lush too. You look fantastic 😉

  4. Madison

    your hair looks lush

  5. Marjaana

    I love this month box. Can´t wait when I get mine.

  6. Heather Steed

    Hair! 😍😍😍😍

  7. Sab Cio

    I bought subscription for 12 months, this will be my 2nd box and I love it 🥰 💋
    Thank you for the SPOILER 🙈

  8. Catia Santos

    Is not true that you can cancel anytime. I try cancel since two months but they dont leave me

  9. myluv4 makeup

    Hi Claire!!💜 I've been away for just a bit, I've missed your videos and looking at your beautiful face!! I hope you had a fantastic vacation!! I'm definitely getting this box for that Luxie brush alone lol, Luxie brushes excite me specially that new line I have a foundation brush and 2 mini contour brushes so far in that new line and I love them so every time I see that line in a box I'm getting it lol!! You look fantastic as always, TFS your unboxing with us, that box is AMAZING for Aug!! I hope you're enjoying the summer and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead and I'll see you in another video soon!!💜

  10. Lisa Marshall

    I can’t wait for my box, I have been wanting some highers, I love the brand too, lipstick colour is what I used to wear so I can’t wait to see if it still suits me. I love your videos and I love your tattoo and I try and get a good look at at it, it’s my fav’s lily and lavender it’s so pretty I would love it 😊

  11. katt dreamer

    Love the hair it really suits you. The box is a bit 'meh' that's all I have to say really lol. I could do with a body lotion tho so maybe that will come in handy. Did the lip stain come in any different colours?

  12. Ζωή Λαμπράκου

    I love your videos, thank you for uploading the August box so early!

  13. Mae Hogg

    My goodness! You are simply delightful! New sub here! I enjoyed watching your video.

  14. Mamajem Jemjt

    Thanks for the spoiler.. Not gonna lie.. Me no likey.. 😂. Very much like glossybox.. Which I don't need a duplicate of in the same month.. (more make up).. The reason for taking out a 12month subscription was cause they're more skin care.. The problem I have with these make up boxes.. Is I always get off shades.. Hope they don't make this the norm…

  15. Den Rach Boubarakat

    the free mystery beauty box with subscription is not available anymore 🙁

  16. ameowy

    Loving your hair cut Claire!

  17. Belinda Kent

    oh my gosh claire, this looks fab, cnt wait to receive my box!! such good value, and makes a change to have more make up this month 🙂 xx

  18. Dead End

    LookFantastic box is reading my mind again. I wanted another Ritual cream. And has been wishing for a trial of Molton Brown. Last month it was with the make up cleasing cloth. I am so easily pleased by this box 😂😂😂

  19. Kelly Dawn

    Hi Claire!! Omg!! I love that box! I can't wait to get mine. Your hair looks great!! 😊👍

  20. Susan Smyth

    Hi Claire absolutely love your hair! As for this box I think it's spot on a mixture of everything! When you compare it to Birchbox it's a complete winner! Anyhoo hope you're well revived after Corfu Take care Belfast Girl 😊

  21. Anita from the Netherlands

    My favourite unboxing video's 👑 Love your neverending enthusiasm, it made me order my first LF box and now I'm a LF fan with a 12 months prescription. Anyway, I love this months box, except the lipstick, I think that's always difficult because it depends so much on personal preference. I'm still in love with my Morphe highlighter, I doubt these new ones can top that ☺ Love the Rituals lotion, brush and selftanner 💕 Greetings from the Netherlands 🙋‍♀️

  22. Naheda Hameed

    Hi Claire your hair looks amazing😍

  23. Zandra Ranson

    Love your hair really suits you lovely lady 🤗💕xx

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