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  1. Diaryofabeautygeek

    Time stamps-
    0:00 Subscription and gifted details
    2:04 Intro to October box and advent calendar
    4:08 unboxing
    Thanks for watching, Claire xx

  2. Alison Campbell

    I like this month's better than last I think. Good having lip balm and hand cream to be prepared for winter coming in. I was going to try and narrow down to one box, between this and glossybox.. but I can't decide yet.

  3. Jane Maclean

    Another highlighter, another brush, another hand/body cream….really disappointing, hopefully next month will be better.

  4. Johanna G

    I just got an email saying I won't be getting this month's box. I am so disappointed. I did ask them why and am waiting to hear back from them. Looks like a great box.

  5. Belinda Kent

    did anyone else get an ''Oh, OK! Mask'' from feelunique two months back, as part of the 5 free samples?

  6. Belinda Kent

    disapointed tbh, its not very halloweeney, was expectin oct to be fun and spooky 🙁

  7. Magda Parise

    Hi, just tried your code and it´s not working 🙁

  8. erica summer

    this month's box is amazing!

  9. Kristina Mike

    Love your makeup 🥰 gorgeous lady 🤗

  10. K8SW

    Never mind the contents i am loving the box. I love make up brushes & my wet brush so a mini is great for the handbag. Love this box.

  11. marre elisabeth

    another box i wont buy because it just the same after another…every month same stuff..

  12. I V

    oh that lipbalmmm

  13. Sandra Lambertz

    Your videos are so very enjoyable! Love your happy spirit 💕

  14. Tsvetomira Dimitrova

    Ohhh my gosh, this box is amazing, I cant wait to get it now!😍

  15. Madaboutbeauty_45 Reviews

    That lipbalm looks like a UFO 😂. 🛸🛸🛸

  16. sarena norwood

    Your eye make-up is lush in this vid x

  17. Ζωή Λαμπράκου

    Great video! The box.. not so great! An eos product again? I wish it had more skincare than make up tools and products! 🙁

  18. Madison

    you look amazing

  19. G Edwards

    Your cat liner is amazing!x

  20. Samantha Hunt

    I love this box, can’t wait to get mine 😍

  21. Carolann Biggs

    Nice box x

  22. mommy nining vlog

    Fantastic and beautiful vidio thank you for sharing.

  23. Nicky Jinkins

    Do they have it in the states?

  24. isabel Geddes

    Great unboxing. It's a good box but not my favorite this month

  25. April Carey

    This months box is quiet different than the usual. I like it. It's a nice box. I feel like the values have been low the past few months. I hope the cool variety continues.

  26. Carolanne Casey

    Your eyes look amazing!

  27. jennymcxxx

    Best box for months by far!

  28. lucienne

    I hope I will either get the eyshadow you got or the highlighter, not the alternative rock 😀 I would not use that. This box looks good (not the best one thoough) but the coulor of the box is my favourite, yay 🙂 The hand cream is not my favourite though, I already had one (don't know if it was from LF Box or from somewhere else) and I did not really enjoy it.

  29. SandraLynette 54

    Look Fantastic box gets ☆☆☆☆☆ this month. Very good selection of products. Well worth the value. Thank you for sharing your unboxing. Hope all your days are Happy and Blessed❣

  30. Sophie collis

    You should subscribe to pretty obsessed beauty box. Would love to watch you unbox them 😊

  31. Beauty Hunter

    Why oh why do I spoil it for myself each time, lol. Your unboxings are just addictive x

  32. Jo Elgarf

    Very happy with that!

  33. Carly Robinson

    Hi Claire your make up looks lovely it really suits you ❤️

  34. Kimberly Hallam

    I absolutely LOVE this box! Can’t wait to get mine ❤️. Also loving your eye makeup and hair color in this video!! Do u mind if I ask what color you are wearing and who makes it?

  35. Heba Hamami

    Love your eye makeup! Really suits you

  36. Justine Adams

    Not too exciting of a box. I canceled a few months ago. And I go by the sneak peeks. If I like it I subscribe if I don't I cancel again. We've gotten that polaar hand cream in lookfantastic before. You look fab Claire! Love your hair and makeup.

  37. Elizabeth Ann ferrario

    Hi Claire I do so wish they would stop all the lip balm ! It truly drives me nuts ! But it seems ok but I have enough to last me at least two years ! Nice handbag brush ! My hair I treat with the up most respect ! No not seen this shade before ! Is it an eyeshadow?oh I think we have had this brand before of hand cream ! Oh good I hate fruit fragrances I am getting grumpy in my old age I am afraid ! Sorry everyone! Love liz x
    I will tell you when I receive mine ! Xxx

  38. Claire Brookes

    Ooh I cant wait to get my box now. I will use everything in this box. I do think look fantastic is the best box I've had, I dont think ive been disappointed with any yet.

  39. Sab Cio

    I think another great box. Can’t complain 😸🙋🏼‍♀️ 💜

  40. Enadriel

    Amazing box! Can't wait for mine! Also, I believe Alternative Rock is the name of the other palette, and the shade you may get in the box is called "Take it for grante", which is actually a pearly light baby pink shade, not black or grey metallic. That shade is not in the same palette as "Red handed" shade. I hope I get Take it for granite when I receive my box! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  41. Julie Hutchison

    You look HOT today Claire, luv the eyes and hair!

  42. Lindy

    I love Oh K! masks. They’re so good! This box looks amazing, can’t wait to receive mine xx

  43. Michelle Smith

    Looking forward to this box. The hairbrush is a great item to put in the box as I’ve never had one in a subscription box before. Can’t have enough sheet masks and makeup brushes. Use hand cream at least twice a day and who doesn’t love a lip balm

  44. Emily Burton

    Do you ever unbox the Love Luna beauty box? X

  45. Kelsey Oakes

    Could you please do videos testing out products you get through subscription boxes please? 😁 Xx

  46. Joanne Richards

    great box cant wait for mine x

  47. Ana Bute


  48. Rachel b

    Can't wait to receive this box I know I will use each item and love this month's design too

  49. Kylie Pritchard

    Great video xx I'm so excited for my box to arrive now xx

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