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  1. Diaryofabeautygeek

    Time stamps-

    0:00 Subscription and gifted details

    1:44 Intro to November box, christmas chest box & December sneak peak
    3:47 unboxing

    This November box won't be available until the 1st November. If you sign up before this date, you will receive an October box
    Thanks for watching, Claire xx

  2. Tania Harris

    The box looks good to me. I use the this works spray every night, it makes a big difference to my sleep routine. This little one will be handy for travel.
    I'm looking forward to the hand mask, I have way too many face masks!
    The other items are interesting and I cant wait to try them x

  3. Sarah Chamakh

    HI, I tried the link with the code for the beautychest, but it didn't work. I will try again to see if they have fixed the problem. The beautychest looks great! Have a great day.

  4. Shrenas World

    Great unboxing and review. New friend joined . Stay connected 💐😊

  5. Sarah Smith

    Strange, you pay 80 dollars for only a $59 value?

  6. Helmien Helmi

    Booty products haha! Your videos got me excited about makeup+skincare again. Love you, keep doing this. XO from Finland.

  7. Lucinda Graham

    Couldn't resist this spoiler video! This looks like the best box for me since subscribing to LF! I love the pillow spray, you can never have enough! 😴😴😴

  8. hotstep

    I like this box lots of nourishing products to keep us smooth through winter so i am happy. Loving your channel.x

  9. Carolann Biggs

    Never had this box, although Ive bought some of the special ed ones, Ive just got the clinique discovery case because I saw your video on them, I love it 🙂

  10. Kevin Clough

    you inspired me to buy the glossy box subscription. thankyou so much. i love your videos x

  11. K8SW

    Ohh looking forward to this box, the dr b hemp is a new range for them.
    I have my dr.b sub box unboxing up now

  12. Ana Bute


  13. G Burrows

    Such a boring box. Nothing exciting and a few repeats. Think this will be my last for a while as sleek eyeshadow doesn’t excite me .xx

  14. Heather & Kaylee Mosher

    I can't wait till next month's looks like it's going to be a good one. This month is ok, not worth getting 2 boxes tho. Wonder if they have skip a month. Have an awesome weekend 🙂

  15. Denise Connolly

    Hiii yes you've had the nuxe and this works and skimino hand mask but they are all items that are more luxury and spare them because they're not really something u would buy for yourself. Really nice box am impressed

  16. Kim Kitts

    The spray was in the LIB Balance box xx

  17. autumn woods

    thumbs up hun fab unboxing love to see whats in the november boxes as its my birthday month hehe 🤗 xx

  18. Lightning Lass

    Fabulous unboxing as always Claire….. I don’t think I will use most of the items so I will leave it for November!!! Fingers crossed I love Decembers box 🙂 I love getting loads of boxes in December haha xxx

  19. Maria B

    I actually like Novembers box! Great contents 😍 Maybe because I love skincare more than make-up. Can’t wait for mine to arrive!

  20. Maggs Daly

    I’ve been getting this box since beginning I love the look of the palette and sponge ( sounds alcoholic brandy ) lol
    This works pillow spray I could give them away I have so many lol xxx

  21. heather palmer

    Noooo it’s spoiler time 🤣 ok just a quick peek then🤣🤣🙏🏼🙏🏼🥰🥰xx

  22. Julie

    Claire you've probably had the sleep mist from glossybox advent calendar last year as I got one. .I think it's fab. I also got one of those charcoal sponges but still yet to use it x

  23. Almost Forty

    Pretty dissapointing box. We already had that mask in one of the previous boxes (don't get me wrong, I love masks) and that is the third Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from Lookfantastic beauty box…🙄 I don't care that we get the same products sometimes but it really depends on which products. The Advent calendar, on the other hand, seems to be really great this year, especially compared to the two previous calendars. 🎄🎁🎉🎅🏻

  24. Emski J

    I’m new to subscription boxes and currently am running 3! 😂 I’m pretty chuffed with this box but then I haven’t received any of this stuff before! Can’t wait for mine to arrive!

  25. Chelsea H

    I think this box is better than last months box. This will be my 3rd look fantastic subscription box so far. I can’t complain because this box is better than any monthly subscription box we have in Australia 🙂

  26. Amanda ODonnell

    Not loving this box at all. Hope dec is better x

  27. Kylie Louise

    Loving the colour of the box but not overly impressed with the products this month😒 which is such a same because I love look fantastic, lets just hope Decembers box is alot better x

  28. Stine Nielsen

    I have had the pillow spray 2 times before in a Look Fantastic box. Don't know how to use them – just make my pillow wet. Such a borring box this month…..

  29. Michelle Smith

    Looking forward to this box. I actually don’t mind the repeats/similar items in this one as they’re both things I use and really like. Never tried a hand mask so really looking forward to trying

  30. SandraLynette 54

    Lovely head to toe skincare box this month, enables us to Look Fantastic! Always enjoy and appreciate your videos. Your enthusiasm is heartwarming. Thank you for sharing. Hope all your days are Happy and Blessed❣

  31. Dena-marie Nurse

    This box is amazing!!! Is this the box all subscribers will get in Nov!!!

  32. Evelina Russo

    I think it’s lovely honestly. I’ve had the pillow spray in a previous LF and quite liked it. All the other items are nice and useful, I think I may get this one

  33. Dela Carter

    I think it’s a good box
    I normally don’t like some of them but for 15 pounds come on you can’t go wrong

  34. oana cristina

    Great video! Can't wait for my box! Xx

  35. Beth Radford

    I’d also love to see your makeup routine 😍

  36. Nicole H

    Omds love these spoilers can’t wait to receive mine thanks Clairex

  37. Jakki and Bud

    It's almost the weekend, then you can get a rest….my brain left years ago. 🤪

  38. Beth Radford

    I love your hair 😍
    I also agree with the face masks, we’ve gone through getting them in pretty much every box. But it’s lovely to get a change. Especially with hands and feet, they need to be pampered too!

    Honestly love your channel. I’m obsessed ha xx

  39. Jack Cope

    I’m not mad at all tbh.. Love a Konjac sponge.. Deep sleep spay is always welcome!.. Also, I have really dry bleached hair & a tiny bit of the Nuxe nourishing oil combined with my hair styling products makes my hair look so much healthier!.. hand masks a bit shit but you can’t win em all 😹 Maybe I’ll be won over when it arrives haha x

  40. Chel 1234

    Eww I hate the two repeat offenders, not the best box for November. Hoping they are going to wow us for Christmas xx

  41. Corinne Walls

    I literally skipped home from the gym seeing the notification for this video 😁 and did not disappoint a few things I wouldn't use but just know my friends will love 💖 xxx

  42. Queensheba G

    This is an aweful box, however people have their own reasons for saying it’s a lovely box. Just saying😉

  43. trish

    This is the first time I’ve been a bit disappointed with a look fantastic box, they are usually so good! 😒

  44. Elizabethann Ferrario

    Oh good job. , I think this box is great good quality too ! Yes I love it we haven’t had a bad box ! I only watch your video because I know you will say it as it is. ,

  45. Ana B84

    Does anyone know the content of the free mystery box?

  46. Kelly Dawn

    Oooooh I can't wait to try the hand mask 😁👍

  47. CanadianEurooean Beauty

    Clarie do you subscribe to a mask sub box or had the pleasure of sampling one. If so which ones do you suggest. Keeping in mind I’m Canadian. My family moved us from Manchester to Canada. So I’m a mixture of greatness hahahahaha thx in advance

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