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  1. Mom Wise


    Looking for help for my niece

  2. Natiq Azeri

    This is so sad for me, so hurt me to look at it video(

  3. Fidah Arman

    Amazing video, that shows a side of childhood cancer that people forget about. Hopefully one day, childhood cancer will be non-existent.

  4. Pranav Tp


  5. Susan Bloom

    A story that needs to be told!

  6. IClapBotzTTV

    So sad

  7. banyong meeniran

    very good

  8. TVSteveHarris

    Great thought provoking video… Steve, London UK

  9. Ernie Jackson

    There is a whole group of these childhood cancer videos on Youtube

  10. Ernie Jackson

    This is the organization that I found all the info for when we were wandering around all the shops in Vero Beach with Jack and Elsie last February aft we had lunch at our favorite outdoor bar and motel.

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