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  1. SherwoodDodge Sucks

    was this recorded with a potato?

  2. Gary M.

    Slightly better quality:

  3. SirOcelot

    Terrible sound quality.

  4. Adam McCarthy

    A&C… do us all a favour… reup these old uploads in glorious 480p (see, im not even asking for HD!) you're killing the songs for potential new fans!

  5. phillip ph

    thankyou soo much

  6. IIlIl Ill Il l

    This sounds like a cellphone playing from inside someone's ass.

  7. Mike Rotcherts

    down thumbs for shit audio quality.

  8. Oscar Sanchez

    YOU are fucking horrible. Tegan and Sara are brilliant

  9. Joshua Rebeira

    im sure theyve tried before for the fact that they stayed in the same apartment before.

  10. 1,000,000 🌞s


  11. Luiz Ramos

    Hayley Willians from Paramore are listening it right now …

  12. pinkus

    I love this song, but this version sounds like it was recorded using a calculator.

  13. Paul Mayer

    I really love this song. So beautiful. It's because I love the song so much that I really wish the sound/video quality was better here. I want it to realize its full potential.

  14. MrAwkwardMe

    Such an awesome song. Always cheer me up

  15. Varaidzo1

    This video is so frickin cool, i really love the symbolism, its kind of saying that you never know what beauty lies underneath a person.

  16. StHelens Rovers

    @GayWorldEnt they are


    240p WTF.

  18. Ken Bell

    Amy Millan's voice has a quality that burrows through the center of the music. It has the ring of truth.

  19. Alannah Murphy

    lol i wonder what this video means XD

  20. PaperBagRecords

    My favourite Stars song <3

  21. drds89

    I just noticed the kiss at 3:46 between Amy and the keyboardist, is it Evan? They're going to have a baby this year.

  22. drds89

    Amy's voice is just flawless…nice pop song. Did the idea for the video come from Teletubbies? 😉 (we have 4 kids, youngest is 8 now LOL)

  23. SpitfireDramaQueen

    I swear I can listen to this song a million times consecutively and never tire of it; it makes me cry, it's so full of truth♥. Rock on, Stars♥♫.

  24. JamesTheFiddler

    saw this vid on Much like 4 years ago and been searching ever since such a beautiful song

  25. Martin Rodgers

    This is by them!?

  26. Hustlerae

    @18tastee agreed

  27. Jonny Hindley


  28. kooldragon95

    @KagurasSacrifice amen. it sounds better even after a few months >_>
    but then again, you don't have to search for this song for long for it to sound amazing

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