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  1. Virginia Dreamwever

    beginning of the 3rd day I measured my waiste, I was at 37 inches to start. Today b4 this and the 7 min belly fat I measured 34 !/2 inches. I am 75 so if I can do it anyone can

  2. Virginia Dreamwever

    2nd day feel better got 1/2 way thru the first one yesterday. Today all the way then onto this one. ! st one was get rid of belly fat in 7.Feel stronger.

  3. Nikdo Někdo

    After that workout I feel happier. Thank you Lucy.

  4. WenChriste

    I love this workout for beginners during these awful menopausal yrs. I used to work out pretty religiously from my early 30s – 40 but I stopped when some very hard things in my life happened. Im 53, now feel just awful most mornings and my body lost its shape. This was wonderful to ease back into. Love the inspirational sayings and choice of exercises! Thank you!

  5. D. Brooks

    Love this indoor walking and arm toning workout video. It's perfect as the season is changing to colder weather. I normally go to the gym in the morning before work, but don't like to get out there when it's cold! So I searched for indoor exercise videos I would like to do on YouTube. Looks like Lucy's videos are going to to do the trick for me. Espcecially the ones for losing belly fat.

  6. Anjali Agrawal

    Truly Lucy is the best trainer. Her exercises work and are easy. The best thing is …once you start you never feel like skipping them. No gym, no equipments. WOW!!! ❤️🥰 Thank you Lucy

  7. smilez9041

    Here from day 5 of your arm challenge

  8. Nadine Summa

    47??? Nooo way..amazing !

  9. phytia

    I did this!

  10. Sardar fayaz Sardar fayaz

    Plz lucky make a video of reducing breast & chest plzzz

  11. Sarita Desai

    Best workout at home..😍😍😍😍

  12. Mindy Adams

    I ❤️ Lucy!

  13. Elizabeth Jagger

    I've done all this…. 👍

  14. Ma. Rowena Cassandra de Veyra

    Oh my God!!! I did finish it!!! It's my Day 1 today and I have doubts if I could even make it halfway. Yey! Hoping that with this routine I'll reach my goal by the end of this month.

    Current weight : 63 kgs
    Height : 153 cm
    Waist : 33
    Arms : 13

    Weight goal : 58 kgs
    And please my flabby arms to be toned.

    I finished Day 2 without pause!!!!

  15. Maria Greenman

    Mandy 52 is my character

  16. laurie s

    your workouts are brilliant thank you love

  17. Kausar Banu

    Love u 😘💋 Lucy u r great nobody can not challenge u 💯💖 u r damn gud

  18. imran siddiqui

    My age is 36 .plz which excercise I do !

  19. imran siddiqui

    Hi ,my height is 5.4 and weight is 85 kg how I loss my weight I am house wife and have 4kids

  20. Emily Xiao

    I've followed your video for three days. It does work! I will continue to do that. And I love you!!!

  21. Merk Juergen

    Again you make me do it , love your Workouts very much . Thank uouuuuu

  22. vidya shetty.s

    How will I get rid of loose skin after weight loss??

  23. Reba Waldner

    Total worth it

  24. Sidra Malik

    Wow your 47 I thought u were 30s

  25. Lady Keyz11

    Day 1.✔
    Day 2. ✔

  26. Sandylion Health

    I would be Mandy. Although I am more of a pear shape. I can't wait to check my measurements May 15th.

  27. Ilona Svensson

    Love your work out ♥️but cannot find you 1000 step anymore?

  28. Yvonne Lozana

    thank u so much

  29. Luann Rouff

    Love it. Thank you!

  30. Bonnie Holt

    This is one favorites. It's one that I can do when I'm already tired and sore from my day, it makes me feel so much better.

  31. Cathy Waller

    Watching this second video of yours and I love the first one it was for indoor walking with your walking outdoors I loved it! And I love it that it is not complicated and not very difficult and I love it because you're doing it without music so I can really concentrate on the workout it seems more peaceful. I love it without music!!
    I subscribed!

  32. Kimberly Dillard

    Thank you for a great work out!!!🙂

  33. Nadiaimran 2007

    I am 68 kilo my goal is come to 55 ..today i start workout hope so i completel my goal within 30 days..100% helpful for me plz keep it up…thank you so much ❤

  34. Lisa Salinas


  35. Luann Rouff

    Another deceptively challenging workout! My heart is pumping but it felt great. Now I have earned my breakfast. Thank you, Lucy. ♥

  36. dianita del rey

    ¡Lucy, tus rutinas son fascinantes! Gracias 👌🏽😘

  37. Maureen rooney

    Looking at YouTube came across your videos ,did the walking one very good thankyou

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