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  1. BB

    +Kathy Strahan, what is it you are selling?? Your link does not work anymore so why not just delete this video? You also do not mention what you are selling. A product? Your credibility looks bad with the website not working. I would recommend anyways to buy a product when websites are taken down. Bad business integrity

  2. Melissa Lee

    It says this domain is for sale. Has the address changed

  3. Armando N. Molina

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  4. Andriy Postupalov

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  5. Damang Pamuji

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  6. CaliforniaKushIsmoke


  7. Mack


  8. Liam Berry

    Add me as a friend, good job!!

  9. Paul Ghergut

    Cool! I like all your vids! 🙂

  10. ty nguyen van

    All your videos are dope!

  11. Nam Pham


  12. Andrei Tudor

    i will like and sub

  13. Robert Griffith

    That was a great video!

  14. ty nguyen van

    love your videos please make me a child ^^^^^^

  15. AlbertKlein007

    How do you do this?

  16. long nc



    insane video

  18. Ben Peter

    Wow, this is legit!

  19. John Gaborky

    this is awesome, you need? more views!!!!!!

  20. Sonimnx1

    How much time did you spend on this vid?

  21. LuciferUKTran

    muahaha top sache! weiter so

  22. Tran Xuan Truong

    awesome vid mate, well done

  23. Teo Sike

    very entertaining great job

  24. thien nguyen

    this is gnarly

  25. Nguyễn Trung Thành

    Amazing video, keep It up!

  26. Chinh Nguyen

    Thanks this has really helped me, sub and liked, going to view your other videos!

  27. Tanja Meyer

    Great video. I subscribed.

  28. Troy Doughty

    Koolioooo 🙂

  29. vn112203

    Awesome job

  30. kyto toky

    subbed and liked! This was a great vid

  31. o0bananarama0o

    Thanks, very good!

  32. ctvd93

    Make more videos like this!… PLEASE!

  33. Thomas Sternburg

    I love you 😀

  34. Kostas Naumavicius

    I love this video, cheers!

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