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  1. Tonie Baloney

    Cece, thank you so much for this. this really opened my eyes to what’s happening with me and that i really should change. the part about your body needing to release the bad really got to me

  2. Lo_ Zarkx

    We need it!!!! Thank you sis!


    So glad I found you 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  4. Shanelie

    I feel like you don’t need to worry about what others say/think. You should make the video YOU want to without being so careful and worrying about what everyone will say. You look GREAT and I would’ve loved more details rather than skating over everything. I need to lose 70 pounds so I’ll stay tuned for the new videos!

  5. Mary Mary

    I found your channel and glad I see you ❤️😘💞 everyday. Your videos are great and so helpful to me.Isee you have lost weight and I think you are Beautiful and so honest with all of.You keep it all so real.CeCe you have said all that I live.Stay on the channel it great.A bad 😢😥 break up will make you eat without thinking.I Love you stay to keep us all going.🤗🤗🙏.

  6. Gretchen Strutzenberg

    Thank you very much! Speak girl!

  7. AKAGoodTimes08

    I love and appreciate you so much for this video and wanted to answer your question from my perspective. As you said, you have questions and the answer from me is "abandonment." I truly am a fan of both you and Chastity but I unfollowed both of you on instagram when Chastity posted the lingerie in late 2018 and then I checked your IG and noticed your size going down. For me, it felt like you two were abandoning the size 26/28 girls. It's like while you two were showing us all of your new cute clothes and giving us direct instructions/links on how to purchase and wear those items, but you weren't showing us your eating and exercise schedule and giving direct instructions on how to do what you were doing to get into those clothes. And not that I won't appreciate your future videos but like others you're give us advice from the other side. No one gives us advice in the middle but I understand it's because none of us truly know what we're doing until we get to the other side. This is the first time I've heard someone truly admit that it took them 2 and a half years to come down 100 pounds. The internet makes everything too fast. Thank you for sharing your story and the lesson of consistency. Again, I love and appreciate you for this video. I'll definitely continue watching.

  8. maria Farsee

    Excellent video, when you follow your heart and soul it's meant to be. Much love for that Sister #PSP

  9. maria Farsee

    Which leg kept giving you issues?

  10. maria Farsee

    Please and thank you for this video. Can you get back to me as soon as possible. I have questions. Today was a very emotional eating day. I can agree or/and feel every situation you have been through.

  11. thefranchise75

    Thank you for sharing your story Cece, it's an eye opener for me.

  12. thefranchise75

    around 17:46 was the wakeup call for me

  13. Dividing Toya

    This just gave me the breakthrough I’ve been looking for! ❤️❤️❤️

  14. star3002

    Love your energy

  15. Tarah Steward

    I’m new to your channel and let me tell you i am here for all of it…..new to the sister lock family loving the freedom to let my hair do what it’s supposed to do… however I’m not liking the grid showing… going with the process and being patient…. this is my first comment to you however i have what your video alllllll day and i just want to say Thanks sis!!!

  16. Juichi

    I just want to applaud you for this video. I never realized that the body positive community was so negative towards weight loss (especially in situations where it IS a matter of health). I'm sorry that you had and may continue to fight such backlash over your own health. You're not saying that being fat is unhealthy or that everyone needs to be thin to love themselves. I'm someone who is plus sized that has been dealing with health problems in part to due with my lifestyle and I'm at risk for more health problems if I don't get it under control. I was doing good last year, but once I started feeling better I put the weight back on and now I'm looking for the motivation to get back to it. Seeing videos like yours are inspirational.

  17. SJ2028

    Glad you’re talking about this and you shouldn’t be afraid to do so. People have to understand if you’re truly body positive you have to respect bodies at all ends of the spectrum. Supporting HEALTHY bodies no matter a size 2 or 22 is what body positivity is about

  18. RealinNYC

    Thank you for this video. You have a lot of self confidence and are very self aware. Keep doing you.

  19. Bre B

    So back in the day when we used to know less about intellectual disabilities, we used to blame folks who had them and told them "They'll never be able to learn a, b, and c." However, as we have become more equipped with the knowledge we need to empower folks with these disabilities, we now know that it wasn't their fault. It was just that society was not capable or prepared to help people with IDs. The "facts" we know about weight loss, health, dieting, etc. are deeply rooted in bias and fatphobia. So much so that the society would rather let us die than to actually create solutions for folks whose bodies don't fall into the "norm." The reason why people are so pressed to lose weight is because it's literally the only choice that we have. It is survival. So to some degree I understand the need while there are few other options available, but it certainly isn't the solution to our health woes in a world where literally everything is toxic.

  20. Sherri Sherrod

    You’re a breath of fresh air ❤️

  21. Candice Debebe

    I find the girls who say “supporting diet culture” don’t actually know what diet culture is. Being healthy isn’t diet culture.

  22. MultiFacettedMe w/ SFB

    Cece happy you are loving yourself this way. I wish you would check out this yearly event for women, and I hope you and Chasity would become an addition because you would be a gift to the area. Women's Empowerment April 27 2019, Raleigh NC @ PNC Arena.

  23. Livvys Kitchen cupcakes

    That was emotional and beautiful at the same time. I love your message and you look amazing ! Someone I know is on this and she has come down from a size 24 to a size 14 in a year and she looks amazing. I’m now trying juice plus and again, thank you for your story. X

  24. Carmean Johnson

    Love this story! Very motivational healthwise!

  25. Toni Monroe

    Finally got a chance to watch this in its entirety. Bravo 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 for speaking your truth. There were so many thing you said that I could and do relate to. Thank you for sharing. And yes keep speaking on this. It’s important

  26. ShellShellShell

    Thank you!!! Keep sharing your story we need to hear it!!! I'm still fat too!!! XOXO -Shell

  27. Neki Peavy

    I’m proud of you and I relate to your story because I have those same triggers. God is good.

  28. koffeeandkats

    I am so glad you are sharing your story. I have been struggling with the idea of body positivity and needing to take steps to take better care of myself. I believe there is a “happy medium”. You have shown there is a way. Thank you ❤️

  29. kayann saffa

    You just shared my story, tears and fears all rolled up in one. Thank you for sharing. I so appreciate this video. We are children of God and the body that He blessed us with needs to glorify Him in any size or shape. Love my sister and thank you 🙏🏿

  30. Kamira G

    OMG..thanks for sharing your journey…and 100 pounds off!!! Yes you definitely should pat yourself on the back. It's no easy feat. Congrats ! Keep being consistent and inspiring us! We love you for just being real.

  31. nyc723

    Love. I've always admired you, before 2015 and all the way to now. I know we were never close since we were friends of friends but I will always be team Cece.

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