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  1. Manny Mua

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOGM WE ARE LIVE OMGOMGOMG lunarbeauty.com 😀 you can buy the collection NOW if you want holy shit!!!

  2. Jessica Fowles

    So excited for this! Thank you 🙂 xxx

  3. Toni Richardson

    can’t wait for it to hit beauty bay! It’s probably the second prettiest pallette out right now ‘behind jawbreaker only because that has SO much colour in it’

  4. snoopyxoxoxo

    I love watching you be silly.. I feel like I'm chilling with my silly friend lol… You are so humble and amazing ❤️… congrats baby on this beautiful new pallet… Momma is broke because I have 2 boys to feed… But soon… Lol

  5. m0ira81

    I love ur eyeshadow palette !!! And the first liquid lipstick?? OMG… need then now. Hope it isn’t sold out!!! Thank you for making such beautifull products and for beeing so sweet, lots of love, besos y abrazos desde Uruguay 🇺🇾!!!

  6. 13din

    The gem looks very nice. A lot better than Jaclyn’s. Sorry I had to say it.

  7. Miss Kariss

    Honestly I was sold on just the packaging! Bout to spend my entire check without even seeing the goods 😂

  8. Mallarie Lowe

    Congrats Manny it’s gorgeous

  9. Ashley Buntion

    This is so beautiful! I live for this color story. OMGSH! I cannot even right now. Can’t wait to get my hands on the palette 😭♥️🍓✨☁️💕🌙

  10. Chelsie Feliciano


  11. FireFlyZ Slime

    MANNY!!!!! I would love to see an Avon makeup full face!!!!! Please!!!

  12. joeyparton11

    Omg Manny I'm so happy for you!!❤❤❤❤

  13. mildred louis

    Okay your packaging is absolutely out of this world. It's honestly inspiring to see someone work so passionately to create something that clearly shows a lot of love, care and thought put into it.

  14. My name is andreaaa_

    omg so excited love!!!!
    so proud can't wait to try this beautiful collection 🍓🍓🍓

  15. _JLOVE_

    I say a mini high light collection on all the planets & also like a galaxy themed limited edition.

  16. _JLOVE_

    You should do more videos of you watching peoples reactions to your products! Like the one you did with Greek Goddess. <3

  17. Jane Doherty

    I can’t wait to buy this gorgeous collection so happy it’s here to stay!

  18. Corinne Carroll

    Take a shot every time he says “pinky”

  19. airiness ai rhino

    Congratulations! It's beautiful…. And then Colourpop throws another 9-pan palette…and what do you know… It's strawberry too. Any hoo, yours is more complete, with white and (why blue not green) blue. The pink looks awesome

  20. Evelyn R Morales

    I wish you could sell singles I would be on it 👌🏼

  21. Kayla Vold

    However many likes this gets is how many times manny said “gorgeous”

  22. Carolina Valenzuela

    I will take a shot every time he says the word gorgeous

  23. Ally S

    Y’know what? You really gotta appreciate that he put the pretty packaging from the unicarton on the palette itself as well. Unlike some big brands and their summer collections coughkyliecough

  24. JuanMarcos Beauty

    But 48$ omggg not not

  25. Raquel lucas

    is anybody else getting bts vibes

  26. Gracey Lyons

    so insanely proud of you manny!!! 💕

  27. Sarah Barnhart

    Omg I cant wait to go get this. Great job Manny!!! Keep up the great work. I love color!

  28. Awkwardly, Angie

    This is really pretty! Good job!!

  29. Laura

    Well done to you it all looks beautiful x i would buy but im not purchasing from overseas atm as the customs ect charges i get are not worth it. Hopefully it comes to beauty bay x

  30. elizabeth gutierrez

    Omg saw this didn't finish watching the video went and bought the collection came back and finished the video love this collection always my fav influencer of all time. Love you Manny

  31. Aly Banana

    Summer over bae

  32. Diamonds Are Forever

    Tbh it's so boring

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