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  1. Strong Nerd

    Joey looks like a fucking beast lol

  2. Calvin Custard

    Alan busting out the monstrous thighs to compensate for sitting next to Joey who appears to have gone Bear Mode.

    Also Omar

  3. K T K

    All i can say is thank you guys for all your tips and experience you's have shared so far..Much love from New Zealand

  4. Derick Cofell

    Joey's arms look huge next to alan and omar haha. No offence guys.

  5. Danny B Long

    I have kids at home and I train at home (mostly). I’ve worked out in my kitchen with a weight vest and also with a loaded barbell, doing sets of pushups, pull-ups, OHP, front squats, etc in between children driven tasks (packing lunches, making breakfast, etc). Keeping a schedule for everyone helps. If everyone wakes up/goes to sleep at the same time every day, your dedicated training time can be mostly predictable.

  6. Russell Mccune

    Omar looking naked and awkward up there without a beard

  7. Kotsos541

    No beard, big beard, medium beard

  8. woody

    turned into a QnA with Omar ….

  9. Alan Thrall

    When can I come back?

  10. Teoh ZY

    Joey, please bring back some S&C content!

  11. Jonya Music

    Death before dishonor 🔥

  12. Shaine MacDonald

    Small, medium and large sizes in a row! lol

  13. Andrea Austoni

    Alan in short shorts.

  14. Bilal

    Good vid

  15. Price Rowland

    What happened to Joey? There's just a bear sitting in his spot.

  16. james benedict

    Omar Niche-uf

  17. acrobatman

    Thank you Omar! So if bikini model is too competitive for a goal and I need to be more specific: would it work to be a bikini model just for yellow bikinis? Or did I misunderstand that specificity thing?

  18. Wild Bill

    Walking out of the rack with 1000 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Z G

    Training when you have kids is tough. That is part of why I invested in a garage gym. The Y that I went to didn't open until 5:00am making it hard to get home in time to help with my kids when they wake up. Now I am in my garage by 4:15 every morning. I also know that getting up that early isn't for everyone, but its literally the only way I can train now that we have two kids.

  20. Teresa Bonillas


  21. Erik O

    Hey Joey, are you planning on coming out to Sacramento?

  22. simonize251


  23. Arne Munthe-Kaas

    Alan's quads be looking huuuuge 😉

  24. THE HULK

    Are sets really necessary, instead of doing 5 sets of 5 reps can I do 25 rep 1 set

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