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  1. Revision Audio

    Magic touch

  2. Ximena Parra

    Wonderful video. Thanks for sharing

  3. newcoyote

    There is some good stuff on this channel but good lord this clown can spew the BS. Shut UP!

  4. Cetusipy

    Ah it's so simple now, the arms strength tells you about an issue with an organ when you poke near it. From there the arm tells us that the gallbladder is upset with the knee…. rofl. I am sure in his youth the issues tended to originate around the clitoris?

  5. Bradley Watkins

    lol this is so full of bullshit its hilarious. If you rub your stomach and tap your head it tells you you're an idiot

  6. ShadowWinger99

    Her body language in this video gives away that Corinna is actually "Miss Kaylie" from the earliest Jeff Echols videos.

  7. Mandy Sullivan

    I'm fascinated by these videos! Incredible what I'm learning.

  8. eric brown

    Dr.Echolls "im just gonna tap that real quick"

  9. DrMoayed AlSharary

    You're not a doctor ffs …

  10. yarlehnowz

    Kenny Rodgers Strikes AGAIN!!! This is getting out of hand!

  11. jps0227 Santos

    Doc, cut the crap and crack the shit out of her!

  12. Kavin Ni

    When you suspect to have a gallbladder/any organ problem DO NOT GOTO A CHIROPRACTOR. Get it checked out by a doctor, please.

  13. shinzantetsu

    OMG, those hips

  14. pstuddy

    dr echols, you lucky dog you!!! XD corrina is freakin breathtaking!!!

  15. TheStarWarden

    Is his technique of Eastern origin? It looks almost like clearing chakras, or acupuncture.

  16. buerger3

    Where did Dr. Echols learn this technique and how is it called. I would like to learn more about it.

  17. demonlordd909

    So I dunno about the holding hand up part. But doctors can definitely feel the organs and that way tell if there's something wrong. Obviously not every organ. But for example the liver. If it gets worse it grows in size. And that's feelable

  18. TheUbergamer

    These vids with the holding techniques are really fascinating.  Soo relaxing to watch.  I'm shocked though that this looks like the first time I have seen Corrina actually jump from something being tender – she's such a trooper!

  19. John Papas

    Always love his video contributions.

  20. ivan200804

    Corina looks hot!

  21. illstateofmind

    Tha god Echols!!! Hide your women.

  22. jamdc2000

    12:03 nice orgasm

  23. emailchrismoll

    Total pseudoscience. They need to do a video with a chiropractor of biophysics (CBP) like +Gregory Johnson Houston.

  24. SuburbanDon

    Mumbo jumbo.

  25. BDOT


  26. Frederick Abel

    Up next: How Chiro is curing cancer and enabling intergalactic travel via quantum tunnelling and plasma fusion.

  27. drknight48

    I love these videos, keep up the great work!

  28. L DeMasters

    Love & enjoying your new video as always

  29. Kendosable

    Dr. Echols is adept at copping a feel on the sly

  30. Rachel

    This is amazing! He's a magical doctor. I want to learn!

  31. Zuru65

    And Christen too, before i forgot.

  32. Zuru65

    Man, i gotta say, and look that i'm not into to flatter women in internet. This habit spoils them, but Corrina is really a piece of work. Actually, the Psychetruth echelon only have muses, like Jen and Joy, Mira, and also i'd like to remember Amy, who is missing nowadays.

  33. benvolio15

    I hope it didn't hurt too much as Dr. Echols was manipulating your internal organs, Corrina.

  34. Foxx

    Hmm never heard of this adaptive clearing until now.

  35. Dave

    Great video. I'm always impressed with Dr. Echols and fascinated with some of the chiropractic techniques that are demonstrated.

  36. beliefmail

    If she wears bikini, this would go viral. I mean, for marketing study purpose only. 😛

  37. Nahoc

    so much bullshit lmao

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