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  1. SimpleTips Anwesha

    Hope u like this stretching routine. Do this everyday. Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/simpletipsanwesha/

  2. Anju Joshi

    Hii anwesha.. pcod ki wajah se month me 2 times periods ho rahe h mujhe.. weight loss bhi nahi ho pa raha h..thoda sa Belly pe pressure hote hi periods start ho jate h.plz help me

  3. LaSani

    😍 The baskets!

  4. Patil Pooja

    Mam plz make video on post workout cool down stretching

  5. Pampa Sinha

    Hii anesha.plss upload durga puja diet plan.

  6. arushi kashyap

    Plz share your pre workout stretching routine..your videos helps a lot…Thanku

  7. Md Zafir

    Happy DP Diiii🤗
    Love from Saba😘

  8. Neha Rajawat

    Hi Anwesha,
    I am working in night shifts, so no schedule for maintain the gym routine, could you plz advise if I can the reduse my weight in home and how❓

  9. Trishali Tiwari

    Yoo .. Thnx for sharing this

  10. Gunjan Sharma

    Hi….can i skip workout on two days of vacation…

  11. Rashmi Mishra

    Yo anwesha

  12. monika srangal

    Anwesha u seem to be so kind & crystal hearted person.. honestly speaking. .I see ur every video …I get sisterly vibes from u..luv u.. may God always keep u Happy & healthy….keep inspiring your followers

  13. peehu c


  14. Shona Verma

    Di plz….ak chij btadijye…mne abhe gym join kya h ….to gym k lye ….gym bra paded wale hone chye y bina paded wale sport bra bhe she hote h ??..means m teenager hu……to paded wale .lu y bina paded wale….plz di btado….konsi se…ache rhegye .

  15. Kaushar Bano

    Di aap bhot hi motivated ho aapse best teacher koi Ni h lv u anwesha di😘😘

  16. Mithee Hesan

    R o stretch vidio chai

  17. Mithee Hesan

    Tnk u didi

  18. saba kausar

    Kitni mehnat karti ho Tum
    Or hum h k khana peena lifestyle ka l bhi change nahi karte

  19. Sudesna Mukherjee

    Main kuch dino se aapke video mein comments nehi kaar paa rahi hu sorrry😞 btw this is a much needed video thank u so much🌹🌹🌹💃💃💃💃💃💃

  20. Kristy B

    'Yo' (came from your description)

    which location is this? Looks beautiful

  21. Neha Joshi

    Nidhi Didi is Soo cute and humble…I m her subscriber..

  22. bong_girl_sreya

    Love u nidhi di and anwesha di also

  23. Nishant Sharma

    Thanks anwesha you are the best 👍👌

  24. rajwinder kaur

    Thanks dear


    Thank you for keeping the request and doing this video so early…… Happy Durga Puja, kemon sajle r enjoy korle insta te pic dio.. 🙂

  26. Vinita Patange


  27. sonam thakur

    Tumari sath vali se kch ho to rhaa ni h… She is bending her kneess

  28. Nidhi Katiyar

    It was so much fun..and these are some exercises that everyone need on everyday basis just to remain flexible.

    P.s. we are so much in coordination😍

  29. food and travel bug

    Needed this…will add to my routine 🥰

  30. veena rao


  31. Mischef

    Is this post work out stretching?…if so, pls share pre workout stretching also.

  32. Ankita Biswas

    Thank you Di😘😘😘

  33. Ananya Sharma

    Thanks anwesha i badly needed this video🤗

  34. MOM'S Corner India

    U are r8 di sabko samalne k baad 💪💪💪

  35. kaur Jatti

    Nice 💓


    You are the best.. 👍💯👍💯
    That's it.. ❤❤

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