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  1. Corey Forbes

    I saw this video when it came out and just today I had some pain in that area of my back and decided to try this out. It certainly relieved some of the pain. I will keep trying this throughout the week to see if it all goes away

  2. Jason Whyte

    Best stretch for this ive seen on the internet. Every morning i wake up with extreme tightness in this area which requires my wife to do deep, very very firm and sharp trigger point with her elbows on me to get some relief…Honestly it has been ruining my life. This stretch and also streching my chest by locking my arms on either side of a doorway leaning forward has helped me so much. At least initially anyway…see how it goes over next few weeks. Thanks bro

  3. WorldIsCold

    5 years of left rhomboid/spine stiffness gone! Thank you so much!!!!

  4. n s

    thanks alot. my right rhomboid is… hard as a rock. sometimes it spread to my neck and neck also tightn up. then a 10 days headache is starting. hope this will help

  5. CaptainDope

    I had to watch this twice, because the first time I paid more attention to the dog.

  6. Charlie Egan

    Thank you so much… This is exactly what I've been looking for! 🙂 I really appreciate it

  7. hammer head

    Thanks a million times. This worked!

  8. Demo Hidu

    Thank you! I really needed this lol

  9. philen alexandersson

    I really hurt my left rhomboid quite recently, but it really hurt as hell, could not move my arm, could hardly do anything. No more lifting weights for me, they told me and i've been trying all kinds of stretches and easy excercises and going to a naprapat (or what it's called in english) and nothing helped, but after doing this twice with five breaths all pain is gone. Thanks alot!

  10. Dakota Fleming


  11. mary struttman

    Cute dog!!

  12. I BAntoine

    I just tried this strech and oh my GOD… It Sure wasnt a walk in the park.. Thank you Antranik DotOrg

  13. Oleg Mitsura

    Awesome exercise!
    How would I improve the flexibility of the left side, as I find that reaching with the right hand is almost effortless, but when I try to do the same exercise with the left hand side, it takes effort?

  14. Jade McCready

    Thank you Antranik. This helped immensely. Happy Birthday to Maddox x

  15. BulbasaurUseVinewhip

    Good vid, never seen this stretch & I like it. +1 like for your cute dog, fingers crossed she makes it all the way to 20!

  16. Chriskay021

    Awesome stretch. Thanks a lot!

  17. Ray Butler

    Great stretch! Thank you

  18. Sabaca

    This seems like a very effective stretch after trying it!

  19. Randy Pahal

    Thank you so much for this. I don't know how I went 39 years on this earth without knowing this stretch! Keep up the good work my friend.

  20. Samuel Weiss

    I've been doing your 35 minute yoga routine that includes this stretch… can confirm it works wonders.

  21. vanessa98

    perfect timing

  22. Jamshed Karai

    Nice one…happy bday medox….considering medox age ,He is in quite a good shape..just like you…💪💪

  23. L u k z o r

    Hey Antranik, I'm currently doing the Reddit RR and loving it. I was wondering can I do skill work on rest days or would that slow my progress down?

  24. Matthew Prince

    I was Just thinking "my upper back is Killing me…" you are a god send! Keep up the good work mate.

  25. Samir Nour

    This popped up at the same exact time I needed it. Thank you!

  26. TheVincesmile

    Love that strech !!!! Thank you for everything from France 😁

  27. samsam

    i'm gonna try this i always have back pain after my work

  28. Die Saubazis - Clash of Clans

    That is just what I needed! You saved my middle back!

  29. Laubblaeser

    Exactly today I had severe headaches which came from my shoulder region. Did the stretch and it felt really good! Thanks for sharing, nice coincidence 🙂

  30. Rickety

    I think you have single-handedly saved my back

  31. Eelco Verbeek


  32. mal doran

    very helpful, thank you. and happy birthday, big pupper.

  33. Icyicy

    Definitely hurt the first time 😉

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