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  1. Eltoria

    SO SORRY THIS IS LATE TONIGHT! What did everyone think of the new format? As in trying on the products? xx

  2. Anisa Zahra

    Hello! Hope your well! I was wondering if you are able to do a unboxing of the ‘a little something beauty calendar’ in boots which is only £12.50 😊 Thanks

  3. Hallie C

    I really like those colors and those pallets 😊 love those

  4. 0orangehamster0

    Electroplating is where you use electricity of coat one (usually) metal with another (usually) metal. If you attach the metal you want to coat to the positive/negative terminal of (for example) a battery it gets a positive/negative charge. If you dip the metal you want to coat in a solution containing the metal you want to coat it with where the "particles" of the metal you want to coat it with have a negative/positive charge the "particles" of the coating metal will be attracted to the metal you want to coat and you gain a thin coating.

  5. Paulina Hakkao

    I love that full make up video!! This advent calendar is quite good but there should be at least one highlighter and bronzer. Anyway I like this brand. 😍 I'm excited to see more unboxings like that! 🤭

  6. Smaya Katti

    how much it is

  7. Beauty Mumma

    are you an affiliate with juno?

  8. Evie Stylianidou

    When is your new in primark video coming out?

  9. bigkkitty F

    Brilliant well done loved this video x

  10. Danique Dielen

    Another amazing video, love this ! Especially the new format. Keep doing this ! ❤️

  11. Kelly Ongley

    at 10.51 where did that black hair come from???

  12. Julia Gorodetskaya

    Well, for me it's actually the other way around: hyaluronic acid instantly breaks me out, and I never suffered from acne before, so have that in mind.

  13. Megan Clarke


  14. Andra Popa

    Omg I love sleek products so much and this advent calendar is quite nice but I still can’t get over the glossybox one😩😩

  15. Eva Mays Life Channel

    Can you do the Iconic London advent calendar? Xxx

  16. Vaishnavi Vipin

    Omg I love this idea of putting makeup non from the products you get ! 💜 best idea ever !

  17. Nick Elvins

    I hate to tell you but I'm 53 and still get acne on occasion. 😬

  18. Nick Elvins

    So pretty without makeup! Great idea for video. Good job! Have you tried Beauty Pie?

  19. Zara Reeve

    Please review the clarins women’s advent Calender I really want to buy it but need your approval aha!!

  20. Casey Jones

    Yay yay yay I’ve been dying to see your video on this advert calendar

  21. ALDC World

    I have entered the giveaways I really hope I can win one

  22. Kirsten Welch

    Wow what a great calendar💕

  23. just beingme

    I really enjoyed it😊

  24. Chaitali Patel

    I liked this undoing and try on in this video 😍😍😍😍😍 I enjoyed even more

  25. Rose

    Oooh the lip laminate is a new product I think! I love that they have so many bright colours as well as everyday wearables and more nude ones.
    I will say though the matte mes do budge, I find they smudge if you touch them, and of course oily foods will move them. The metallic matte mes are really flattering and always look more subtle than you'd expect which I like. The lip shots are brilliant if you want a really pigmented lip gloss.

  26. Alison Khaw

    Loving this format💕

  27. Emma Watkins

    Overkill on lip products

  28. Nina Song

    Try using ALL the products. It would feel weird by the end but we could see how the colours mix together.

  29. Robin Durfey

    Very pretty both in your makeup and the calendar

  30. Susan Lindsay

    Thank you, love this calendar and the way tested the products Your makeup looks Amazing! x

  31. Aneetha Barrow

    Love that you demo all products ❤️

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