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  1. Lady_ Peace_

    Anxiety in general:

    • Sweating
    • Fidgeting
    • Difficultly speaking and/or eye contact
    • Heart beating faster than average
    • Wanting isolation
    • Constantly looking down
    • Thinking the worst about everything
    • Hyperventilating
    • Tearing up/crying [Part of panic attacks]
    • Lightheaded
    • Searching for every possible exit
    • Feeling terrified while in crowds

    How can panic attacks get triggered:
    • Serious conversations
    • Loud/large crowds
    • Being put on the spot
    • An extreme fear of something/someone (Possibly PTSD/Post-traumatic stress disorder)

  2. DailyPeach Tube

    i thought this was discovery…

  3. Savage Monsters

    Today i opened up about my depression and suicidal thoughts and got rejected im afraid of my self

  4. Izzyslife 3456

    my counsellor said i had bad anxiety and so he told me to look at some videoas like this and this helped me understand my siguation and a year has nearly passed since this happened and now i dont have anxiety when i am older i think i might create a charity to help ppl with these feelings

  5. tayl or

    I have GAD. I've had it all my life. I got it genetically from my father. Everyone's symptoms are different, so here are mine. I imagine my anxiety like a bird on my shoulder, contradicting everything I say. It gets to the point where u think of conversations I could have with people, and even to the point of my family; I don't talk. When I do, I talk very quietly. That isn't the worst though, I can't focus. Focusing for me is like a lightswitch. Sometimes I can focus, sometimes I can't. It makes school hard. I don't only have anxiety, but I have an adjustment disorder. Not many people know what that is?.. it's a lower level of depression. From my anxiety has also sprouted insomnia. I take medication for my insomnia, and I'm thinking of taking medication for my anxiety soon. There are a uncountable amount of things that happen to me on a daily basis that I can't explain with WORDS. Just.. in mindset it's torture. With my generalized anxiety attacks, everything would be going fine and than the bird comes in and flys into my shoulder. (I imagine this bird as a black crow) Oh! Another side affect I rember now is I hear things that aren't there. Mostly to the point where I can't handle it and do.. things. It scares me in unexplainable ways. I just start breaking down and sobbing. Most importantly, I scare myself. I scare myself because of what I can do to myself. So, I guess I could say I have a more severe case of anxiety. I'm thinking about getting a service dog, as well. I'm very young to be having all these.. things happening. But I have been through human manipulation, mental abuse, and many other things that I can't bear to mention. I hope that you have a swell day. But if someone compares themselves to another person with anxiety one more time.. I swear to God. Don't. Don't compare mental disorders. Just fucking don't.

  6. Miguel Martinez

    I just took a test on my anxiety. I scored 84/100 (severe anxiety) …

    Things that happened 25 years ago. Still haunt me. Mentally. Thiugh people hav moved on and seem happy. It still worries me. And i was Only 2 years old. And remember vividly everything. I cry, take blame for it and lost my job again for the 5th time. Its like i can be ok and forget everything for a few months. Or so . Then im fucked for the rest of the year. Neck pains suck. Hesdaches, dizziness. Nausea… eating disorders, trouble falling asleep duebto overthinking current and past issues. May not be issues to some. Since when i tell certain people. They laugh it out. As im dying inside.

  7. Jason Andria

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  8. Sagar Salunke

    Which medicine should be taken for GAD?
    My mom doesn't believe in this thing so going to psychiatrist isn't possible and my general doctor advices just meditation which is not enough.

  9. Pluvillion

    There's this one line that I keep on asking almost everyone. I would watch TV, play a game, walking outside, don't my homework and I'd just ask, out of the blue, "Why am I worrying?".

    Nope. I don't know the answer, too. Heck, even my mom's confused as to why I'm worrying.

    Like, I graduated highschool yesterday. Pre-event, obviously, I was nervous as to what's going to happen. But the day afterwards, I still felt like as if I was "missing" something and that I should focus myself on it. The thing is, *I* don't even know what's going on and it's like I'm getting anxious of myself getting anxious for no apparent reason at all.

    I'd do things for distraction, and bam. It disappears. But once I heard a word or a sentence that's "similar" to the thing I'm worried about, that's where everything starts to kick in.

    Tl:dr; It's confusing and scary to the point where I, myself, have no idea what the fuck's going on and that there's SOMETHING wrong but I just can't tell WHAT.

  10. Luca Cappiello

    Omg I don’t know why.. I just hate being anxious.. it’s been a period in my life where someone from my uncle (my aunt husband) family died…he was young 44 and I only used to see him twice a year on my cousins birthday party.. not even when my grandma died a year ago I felt like this.. he had an heart attack and since he died I always think about death.. which scares me.. but it does not happen whenever.. it starts when it gets dark so around 7 now… it lasts long but I am able to go to sleep .. when I wake up I feel fine and not anxious at all, it’s just around the night.. I am scared it’s never going to go away, I don’t want to feel like this.. I always need to talk or else I panic and I cannot think about anything but dying 😫

  11. Shari Finchler

    this video is oddly satisfying for someone who relates to all of this and is always told to stop "worrying"

  12. Rebecca B

    I have lived with GAD for over a decade. It is a horrible condition. People will begin to filter their image of and interactions with you through GAD.

  13. Spilled Serenity

    I was diagnosed with GAD when i was 9 and i'm 13 now i've been told the same thing every time i have an anxiety attack which i have probably at least 1 a week but a lot more i've gotten better as in jan and feb i would have probably had multiple severe ones a day but a video cat explain the struggles and neither can i so often people get annoyed at me for this and they just tell me to get over it or they say ugh nevermind and stop tallking and it really hurts the amount of people who have said that to me. i know how strong i have to be to get through the day so all of you out there like me with GAD im proud of you no one but us can really understand but we push through that and just remember you're not alone 🙂

  14. Primal Speak

    It's a matter of dependency and focus. 1. Never be dependent 2. Get a job/business that leverages your rational mind and thus the rest of your being. The cause of anxiety disorders is systemic dependency (mixed economies, state profit/taxation in industry) and the unresolved PTSD which it supports and promotes by default.

  15. nothing at all

    what if i have the two feelings, stressed and anxious?

  16. Roberto G

    I got anxiety only thing that helps is the drug up brain that i have which actually makes the day go buy normal but all i see is life i can listen work but actually i feel like a druggie in the head

  17. Maria Juanita

    its been years until i saw this video. thought i cant explain my anxiety

  18. jjxrden

    I would rather have this type of anxiety than my social anxiety tbh

  19. horse lover/ saddle club lover

    I have GAD, Social anxiety, separation anxiety.

    To go through your life trying to hide from people and constantly worrying about your parents might be dying at home whilst trying to balance everything else.

    It really doesn't help that I'm non binary and I have anger issues and depression.
    I'm constantly feeling like I am nothing and if I died no one would care.

    It's so hard…
    Excersice does help a bit

  20. Chantz Kacey

    Not for nothing, but this is exactly why I feel medical marijuana is necessary. People who go through bad anxiety, I feel could really benefit from the use of certain strains of cannabis because it calms you down, not to a lethargic lazy state, but if you suffer from bad anxiety, it almost brings you back to a normal “0” balance. Just my 2 cents.

  21. Kieran0147

    Seeing the symptoms and other stuff I am concerned about myself

  22. GameR Blox


    Read More

  23. claudia gonzalez

    I was diagnosed with GAD very very recently. I can honestly say before my first panic attack, I did not understand how serious anxiety was. I am doing a lot better. Going on walks everyday, taking my medicine everyday, and taking therapy. It’s stressful because I’m always scared I’m going to panic any time for no reason like my first attack happened. What helps is knowing I’m not alone and my plan is to help young people in the future with mental illness so I changed my major from accounting to psychology and I have no regrets!


    Hello! i am 13 years old and i am worrying that i might have anxiety, but i feel that i shouldnt bring it up until im sure that its something worth bringing up, i found some of the symptoms and stuff that happens when someone has anxiety decided what i related to. i made a list and chose the things that happen to me
    Restlessness- yes

    Difficulty concentrating- yes

    Muscle tension- not really

    Sleep difficulties- very much

    Sudden periods of intense fear- no

    Pounding heart- sometimes

    Sweating- only when working

    Trembling- i shake sometimes

    Shortness of breath- sometimes i inhale hard like i was just crying

    Choking- no

    Feeling of impending doom- no

    Panic Attacks- i think had one before

    7 signs of anxiety

    5 symptoms that i dont have

    if you think i should do something about it, or have something other to say, please respond.
    Thank you!

  25. Daniel

    Thanks for making a video that just makes people try to read while loud piano plays over a series of photos w people looking distressed. Way to go.

  26. Mariah Elise TV

    Walking prisoner in your own body. Mine has spiraled out of control so much that I was worried I was borderline schizophrenic because I could not stop the thoughts of my anxiety over my logical, sound mind.

  27. Mark Weaden

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  28. Aidid Rashed Efat

    I had been diagnosed with GAD, and know that how it feels to be constantly anxious.
    I visit a psychiatrist monthly, and have been recovering well since I started the treatment.

  29. Karina Sanborn

    Oh my God…I just realized I have GAD…

  30. Madison Acker

    I have it too People don’t understand and I get bullied for anxiety attacks crying in class only if they knew and didn’t say I was a crybaby and I overreacted only if they understood only if i didn’t have anxiety or Depression I shake constantly during anxiety attacks and say if I’m cold then I have a problem I wish no one else had anxiety no one else deserves it the therapist says I can find a way to beat it here i am 1 year later anxiety attacks almost every day at school the shivering the clammy hands…. I just wish people would understand

  31. Sister Cloud

    When I was younger, I would go over all the symptoms for General Anxiety Disorder and say "yeah, it would make sense if I had that", but I always convinced myself that someone else had it worse. I would tell myself that I shouldn't be complaining, I'm just sensitive and unable to control myself, that I was weak. I would tell myself that people who actually had GAD had it really, really bad, and that I was being stupid and insulting them for lumping myself in with them. Now I've been diagnosed. Part of me is saying that I knew it, I knew it all along, but a bigger part of me still doubts that I actually have it, that my therapist and doctor have lied to me, and that I'm going on antidepressants for nothing and they're just trying to get a paycheck out of the government for recommending Prozac to me. I don't even know where all this is coming from, because I trust my doctor's opinion on literally everything else. I got called a "textbook case of General Anxiety". It really does suck sometimes.

  32. Kenneth Barclay

    This video, made me anxious

  33. whau


  34. Fat Potato

    It's not only about studying and education though…

  35. SkyeTheParakeet

    So, I have not been diagnosed with this but I’m almost 100% sure that I have it. My family doesn’t want to take me to the doctor because they know that they will prescribe some medicine to me that they don’t want me to take. I don’t know how to tell them but I want to take that medicine, I feel that it will really help me.

    Tonight I accidentally stayed up watching YouTube (yes I know, irresponsible of me) and now I feel so nauseous, shaky, scared, and anxious about me having to go to school in FOUR hours. I don’t know what to do… I tried to sleep and I stopped because I had that feeling where I knew I was about to have sleep paralysis. So do I just not sleep tonight? I really don’t want to do that but I think I have to.

  36. malupk100

    Documentary based on anxiety https://youtu.be/Uc3ac3lx8Ds

  37. Zxle

    me and mom have this

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