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  1. SarahBethYoga

    Hi there! Try this gentle routine anytime you're feeling bloated, gassy or your Ulcerative Colitis, IBD or IBS is flaring up. Just 12 minutes of mild movement for lots of relief. (just look at the comments 😂) Can be repeated back-to-back if needed! 💙 Subscribe for free weekly yoga videos: http://bit.ly/sarahbethyoga 💙

  2. Lori Finnila

    This worked for me. Thanks.

  3. Nibiru

    I have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and even the most clean foods can even trigger me at certain times in life. I’m gonna do this a few times a week and see how I feel. Thank you for this! 💚

  4. Jerry Johnson

    So does yoga make you fart? I bet a yoga class is really an experience.

  5. Queen Rich

    or u can just lay on ur belly nd wait

  6. Vikash Sah

    Thanku it was very helpful

  7. Pallavi chandimani

    When exactly to do this,can i do it after eating food?

  8. Zoro Roronoa

    Surprisingly it worked 😂😂

  9. Chakraborty Ashish


  10. MiMi Howard


  11. Katherine

    Another great content!

  12. MiMi Howard


  13. Christine Agha

    Thank you so much. I absolutely loved this. It made me feel so relaxed and hopeful that I can heal my digestive system more using yoga and movement 💖

  14. Sondaze!

    Thank you, when I was done I had a good belly laugh to even further stretch all my organs out. I feel so much more relaxed i’m so happy i can’t wait to come back to this video

  15. Amisha Vishwakarma

    Before or after meal??

  16. elaeda

    This didn;t work for me at all

  17. SAV Royal

    When is a good time to do these asanas? Esp after eating?

  18. Lucy Holden

    This really helped when I had appendicitis symptoms and for whenever I feel bloated. Thanks Sarah Beth

  19. Bhavna Singh

    Hey Sarah this yoga routine is like 💫I wish🙏 may you reach billion subscriber on your you tube channel 😍🤗 and your look so charming which is easily appear on your face 😘😘

  20. Nora Peace

    ok all the burping gave me the hiccups

  21. ian woods

    Thanks Beautiful I feel some strange movements in my stomach I will practise this 3x per week :~) x

  22. Shilpa Rao

    Sarah !! Thank you so so much! This video is such a saviour♥️♥️

  23. shibashish roy

    When one should do this exercise ? Before or after meal ?

  24. Kirsten Angeles

    Can someone explain how this works? Hehe am curious. Thank you!

  25. Ady Kotidou

    I don't know if that was supposed to work immediately, but it didn't.

  26. Paige Yang

    omg thank you so much. Couple hours ago I was having really bad bloating problems in my upper stomach. It was so hard to sit still. Once I starting doing this, I began to throw up and most of my pain went away.

  27. Abdur Rahman

    Great and v useful work…thanks

  28. Amy Okey

    I began using this for bloating issues, and it really helps! Even better, it loosens my low back & hips. Thanks, SarahBeth!

  29. Messy Soul

    So don't b dissapointed if it doesn't work, do the entire routine once again and drink some water after 1-2 min I assure u, u r going to blast,, best luck😂

  30. Korina Bee

    Had a big burp after my "namaste"! Thanks!

  31. Pilbz

    Been suffering alot with stomach wind when going onto night shifts and I felt instant relief after trying this. Thanks!

  32. Gooci Jaan

    Hi, I’m new subscriber:)

  33. Marcello SDLT

    The best exercise to do the day after a Mexican all-you-can-eat. Just be sure to open up all the windows.

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