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  1. Maggie A.C

    I have another question , i was going thru all the ingredients to know what im getting in the product of Assimilaid contain Cinnamon Cassia bark, but the good is Cinnamon Ceylon bark is the one with the good benefits not the acassia one

  2. Maggie A.C

    but in the site said menstruating person can not take it, or is only in that time when they can not have it

  3. Maggie A.C

    what type of calcium, because not all are good

  4. Chaya Lara Vartikovskaia

    Love the effect of Beauty Pearls on HOT flashes. They diminished to barely 2 to 3 a day, and not even a quarter as strong.
    Never expected that, since I was thought in olden days that it helps with fertility and periods regularity. But looks like it is good for most female processes. I was desperate and decided to give it a try since Prime Again didn't do much for me.
    Thank you Dr. Tey Fu Chen.

  5. Josanne Moore

    On the website it says that women who are menstruating should not use Pearl?

  6. Sheilah Mitchell

    I love the wonderful Beauty Pearl so much, yet, I miss the original packaging which kept the product soft and better! Pls return to original packaging for freshness, ASAP!

  7. Christine Nicely

    I love what beauty pearl does for my skin both inside and out. Thank you, Dr. Chen, for explaining this to me and others.

  8. SummerRain368

    Me last sentence was supposed to end with *emotional well-being. Lol.

  9. SummerRain368

    I've used Beauty Pearl for years and everything Dr. Chen just said is absolutely true! Not to mention the huge help with PMS emotional!

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