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  1. nope.

    you should face sparky just so we can see the deck pop off sometimes

  2. Mateusz Franiczek

    What the fck XDDDDDDDDD The emdimg pmg

  3. Joseph Kerr

    15:19 "No! Don't fuckin' draw your dick!"

  4. Ernest Aquilio

    I have constructed a variation of this deck in paper that has been very successful at annoyance and dominance 10/10 best fun standard deck

  5. Felipe Soares

    Man.. i wish i could give you 100 million dollars. just to you stay all day long streaming this decks.. funny as hell

  6. Meizar Farizky

    "Sweet Jesus thank God it's a murder."

  7. blackopx54

    CANCER UPDATE! Okay so, take out March of the Multitudes and add Finale of Glory from War of the Spark! or just add Finale of Glory because it's already a 65 card deck, fuck it make it 66.

  8. LeGeoN BlanK

    Keep your cancer decks for yourself , you ruin the community

  9. Joel Guerin-Simard

    this game is the most beautiful thing

  10. Felix Frechette

    Makes a deck meant for making people kill themselves, yet doesn't let people kill themselves hmmmmm

  11. kaaphkaa

    if you ever make merch, i want a shirt that says, "what a great time to be alive."

  12. Peter Taylor

    40:42 priceless

  13. Vladimir Novitski

    What a roller-coaster of emotion. Rest in pepperoni SceoMyntan, you absolute legend.

  14. Shining Darkness

    Assert your dominance by preventing opponent from milling them-self to death

  15. Shining Darkness

    Ajani says hello…100+ times

  16. Brian Feliciano

    I think the other guy won… He broke our mans.

  17. Sacha Raphard

    At first I thought the Ajani's Welcome addition made no sense in this deck, and then he explained it… That is so fucking evil good lord

  18. Rey Helio

    You are the boss xD

  19. Ninja Turnip

    phew, what a ride that last game was.

  20. Adrian Garceau

    Top ten anime betrayals

  21. Velvetta Star

    what a wee babby should have sat through it

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