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  1. Twilight Fresh

    Where did you buy the iron kadai mam?

  2. Archita Panigrahi

    You are my inspiration. Thanks a lot.

  3. ARFA's Kitchen

    Thank you madam for sharing this video….


    Very gud 👌👌👌👌

  5. Sridevi Venkatnarayanan

    Thanks a ton for sharing nice and healthy recipes, keep going

  6. jeeva d

    Mam, I love the recipe but I have a doubt. To my knowledge potatoes are not good for weight loss but you have mentioned it has weight loss recipe.. Also I heard baby potatoes are comparatively good than normal potatoes. But you have used normal potatoes. Then how could it comes under weight loss recipes?

  7. sonali shinde

    Hello madam wishing you & all family members to be fine…HAPPY GANPATI GAURI FESTIVAL to all of you…lots of love & as always do take care of ur health & love all your receipes…regards alok-sonali😍👌👍⚘🌹

  8. Shylaja n.v.

    Nice recipes..Ma'am,can we cook tomatoes in cast iron pan? As per my knowledge sour foods like lemon,tamarind and tomatoes are not supposed to be cooked in iron vessels. PL reply

  9. Prabha Krishna

    Mam, is it ok to use tomato in cast iron..kindly advice

  10. shreedevi s

    Lukz yummyyy😋😋Maam is potato healthy for regular use???I used to avoid it thinking it will enhance wt gain(though I luvvv potatoes as sabji)

  11. Lakshmi Prashanthi

    Nice madam..aloo bhendi damn good

  12. Reshma s

    Mam my food turns black in iron kadai what to do

  13. Sowju's Food N Fashion

    Very nice video tasty recipe

  14. taranluck singhhjjjijnq

    Hlo mam,,, very nice video… Its extremely request plz share some breakfast options for pure vegetarian..for weight loss . I m from Ludhiana city…

  15. Ilaf Eyach

    Ammmm very nice.

  16. s faiza

    Very tasty recipe mam vl try for sure.. I was not getting notifications 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢today I got…

  17. Geeta's Glorious Garden and Pets

    Madam, why should the potatoes be soaked in water and used? I know it darkens after cutting but is it not better to cut it just when you are ready to use it? Also it is good to scrub the skin of the potatoes well and use it along without peeling. All the goodness of this vegggie lies just below the peels. I follow a lot of your videos and find them very informative.

  18. Sharmisttha Dutta

    Somehow, I didn't like the green color of Bhindi going away ….🙄🙄🙄
    The overcooking of Bhindi can be avoided …!!as they get soft quickly.. Need not to cover on so high heat and to allow it to cook with potatoes (!!??!!!)

  19. Nancy Nancy

    Happy teacher's day mam…😗😗

  20. Nancy Nancy

    Wow…..amazing mam….surely vl try soon n comment you….love you so much mam…😗😗😗


    Very nice amma

  22. sagin tineka

    Wow healthy recipes

  23. Nandhini Arumugam

    Can we skip amchur powder mam

  24. Simul Thakor

    How many servings from this recipe?

  25. Pallavi Das

    Hi ma'am, thanking for all that you have taught us. .. Happy teachers day

  26. Vemula Manjual

    Thyroid patients can we use pink salt

  27. saliha rasheed


  28. Riiffat Perveen

    mae aj he try krou gi

  29. Jeeva Lakshmi

    Amma first to comment,very very nice .it reminds the same potato ladies finger sabji my sister use to make .yummy yummy

  30. Nitu Pramanik

    Ur new subscribers from kolkata ♥️♥️

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