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  1. lynn kavanagh

    This is a GREAT video!! All of the topics were really important ones & ones that really struck a chord with me & made me want to talk about them with my husband. It was really good to hear a man's perspective about some of the topics too. Sometimes we have these scenarios that run through our heads, about what we assume our spouse believes, or is thinking, & once we talk with them, we find out we couldn't be further from the truth. This was really excellent & couldn't have been done at a better time with the holiday season when food is such a big focus. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Maggie Adkins

    Thank you both so much for sharing!

  3. Tonda193

    This is your BEST video yet! Thank you for the tips and encouragement and also sharing more personal information regarding your past weight and pounds lost. Lead by example! Great tip!!!

  4. Tinker Too

    You both really knocked it out of the park what a great video, But I have to say, kitty stole the show! All kidding aside thank you for sharing thank you for the great information and thanks for showing what teamwork can do. The great thing about WW it teaches you how to eat, not eating out of a pouch where your food squishs around.OMG, I tried that for 2 weeks threw it in the trash, joined WW the rest is history. In each of your food videos you always show the correct categories and how to eat and vegetables are important. Also moving 15 to 30 minutes a day, big difference in weight loss as well. 💖👏🥂

  5. R Shake

    Guys I NEEDED this pep talk. I almost didn't watch because I thought eh I don't need this. Thank you so much ❤️

  6. Alexis Thompson

    I LOVED THIS! My husband joined me on my journey about two months after I started because someone took his photo and it clicked for him that it was time for a change. We still struggle and I got jealous when he would lose more and vice versa and we still self sabotage with caving for cravings that aren’t even that tasty. Overall it’s so nice to have him do it with me and it’s been a huge learning experience! Great video😊

  7. K Green

    So refreshing to see this content. Thank you.

  8. Georgina Armstrong

    Yall are amazing! LOVED this!!! The best part by far was Drews choice of coffee mug!!

  9. Tijo Creates

    Love that you two are so supportive of each other! Not everyone has that and it can become very frustrating! Thanks for your wisdom and for this channel. I love your recipe ideas and especially the meal prep videos😉 (I follow my own low-carb diet and eat lean proteins with an emphasis on vegtables. However, alot of your recipes are a good fit for me,too!) Love that mug,Drew. 😉

  10. Minerva

    Thank you for this video, it was such a great idea. Amanda you touched on few things that I caught myself nodding my head and saying "yes" that is so true. Like cooking healthy and just giving to your husband, that's what I've been doing. If I tell him its diet, he'll crinkle his nose and say no. Lol! Although one thing I struggle with when I go grocery shopping, I notice that alot of the stuff I put in the basket is stuff for me and my weight loss. I dont buy alot of chips or cookies anymore. But I guess I need to change my way of thinking when it comes to that. I have been off and on WW so many times because I always felt resentful about always restricting what I had to eat."Why me and not her", type of thinking. But now my thinking has changed when I read something online saying that alot of people dont wanna be on a diet because they dont want to restrict themselves, when in reality they are already restricted. Never wanting to be in pics, trouble tying shoelaces, having to be on medications and the list went on. When I read that it was like a light switch went off in my head. Those things were all me!! I was already restricted and living life on the sidelines. Ok I'm sorry this is super long. Just, thank you and your hubby for your awesome videos!!

  11. D Streeter

    Great video!!! I will definitely rewatch this with my husband. Thanks you two!!!

  12. Jenifer Newton

    Good info, I thought the pizza story about Drew not having to watch his weight was a good example of the excuses we tell ourselves. I missed the chair spin as well, lol.

  13. Melissa Hawkins

    You two are great. You complement each other so wonderfully. Nice to see that.

  14. Tracy McDougall

    This is amazing! I’m going to show this to my husband. Y’all are dropping some serious wisdom!

  15. Deb Reneau

    Great video! You both are wise beyond your years!💚💚💚💚

  16. Lynn Crooks

    I love when you and Drew do videos together. How about taking a certain recipe suggestion and making it lighter. Example Spaghetti casserole it has a blend of sour cream, cream cheese and cottage cheese and parmesan cheese. Redo these spousal favorites!!

  17. Renee Kerner

    Lol. Don’t ask me why I thought you were tall. I didn’t realize Drew had lost that much weight.

  18. Beth Powell

    My family is very supportive. While we do eat different breakfasts and lunches (we’re retired) we eat the same dinner. Sometimes theirs might have full fat cheese while I use low or no fat, etc. I learned from you, Amanda, when you made your shepherd’s pie to mix cauliflower with mashed potatoes and then started using half rice and half riced cauliflower in many dishes. They didn’t even notice at first. A couple of weeks ago we were having Spanish rice with 15 bean soup. I had a lot of points left so commented I thought I’d use just rice. My husband said “No, use the cauliflower, I really like it like that!” I am thankful for all you and Drew do to help us on our journey!

  19. Kim Bedgood


  20. Julie White

    Great video. I enjoyed listening to the both of you and your opinions. It was very informative and relatable. Please continue to do videos like this, it's a nice change! ❤

  21. Amanda Riley

    Loved this video

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