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  1. Matthew Williams

    Great podcast, I am from London and we love you Teddy!!!!

  2. Rob Grover

    Across the pond where they have darts, love it 🇬🇧 🎯 😂

  3. robert blake

    there can be no draw in the final…the 4th judge had it 116/112 taylor

  4. Black Watch

    Tris Dixon grasses me up!!! Classic!

  5. Olaf The Mighty

    Wasn't that judge that had Canelo drawing with Mayweather a judge in this Kovalev fight? Julie Lederman right? Correct me if Im wrong but isn't she obviously too bias to be an objective judge here?

  6. Gareth Roberts

    So is fury wilder result not a crime ? What goes around comes around, when in Rome as they say 😂

  7. Nathan Output

    Teddy in england we have tennis football rugby and cricket much bigger sports than boxing. I know america isn't familiar with some of these sports but the rest of the world is

  8. Pon Dog

    Who is Betterbeaviff?

  9. Cameron Drysdale

    Prograis late comeback can't praised without the context that Taylor's eye was shut from 10 onwards

  10. Pon Dog

    This Ken Rideout is always wrong and should be an expert but sounds like a total casual most of the time. I think he is just dumb. Teddy you see things for what they are thank the lord you are in this podcast.

  11. carlos garcia

    You can tell Atlas is super biased on GGG. Super hypocritical.

  12. George Lamie

    Teddy referencing his old ESPN announce days again. Has he ever publicly said why they benched him? I heard it was because he was openly disrespectful of either Stephen A or Mark Kriegel's boxing knowledge on air. Any truth to that? I don't know why ESPN would back either of them over Teddy. Stephen A is annoying and Kriegel is a bore.

  13. Jose Alejandrez

    Dang man teddy basically saying don't watch the canelo fight kovalev isn't a good fight

  14. Tony BP

    Kovalev will need to KO Canelo to get a draw.

  15. s mccowan

    Great to see yall back. Thanks so much

  16. BAY 8TH 718

    The Judging in boxing is a disgrace.

  17. BAY 8TH 718

    Balboa never gave in.1 more Round.1 more Round.He was a great Champion.

  18. Bryant Stone

    Initially I thought Canelo by stoppage but after giving it more thought I think Canelo wins by decision because he has not stopped any elite fighter so why would Kovolev be any different even at his old age.

  19. Two Tales

    Taylor Prograis was a really good fight. Both fighters got, and deserve credit.

  20. Joe Cool

    Prograis closed Taylor's eye mid fight and only had one eye from then on. Good fight, would be great in a couple of years as both fighters improve with experience

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