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  1. Gee Nu

    I wouldn’t sleep with my eyes closed if Peetz was in the room

  2. Littlelark 1980

    I think we sll supported her at one time. Until you find out who she really is.

  3. Jeanette A


  4. Jenn Dear

    3:31 your expression..Callie I love you so much!

  5. Mary Beth Wylie

    3 DAYS! It only took 3 DAYS for her to blame us!! LOL

  6. lis is keto

    She needs to watch Alan Roberts’ (Every Day Damn Fitness) Video on thin privilege. It’s not a privilege to fit into society. Not fitting is a consequence of bad choices.

  7. Nikita36816

    Callie, please respond to Chantal's latest community tab post where she quit her weight loss journey. She is blaming her haydurs. Such a cop out.

  8. Cody J. Briscoe

    Girl. I've been binging your stuff for the last few days and my gay-ass has fallen in love with your content. Keep up the good work! And happy belated birthday! 😍

  9. Natalia

    All your facial expressions are such a mood😂😂😂😂😂💕

  10. bacchiguu86

    "I wonder how long it will take her to blame us." 2 days apparently.

  11. Kristen Kean

    So…Jan 8, she’s already quit. Too much scrutiny. <eye roll>

  12. CoffeeLove_Laura

    Hold up, didn't Chantal state in a different video that she did not want to be an inspiration for anyone?

  13. Cherry Candy

    That shhh thing is an uncontrollable tic she's been doing for years on video. Its nothing new. Chantal acts like she could control it by now pointing at the camera when it comes. She didn't point at the camera in her older videos.

  14. tamera

    Her breathing…omfg! I don't like her but I don't want her to die. She needs help 🤦

  15. ImPoopnRightNow

    She already quit. 🤣

  16. SheWoreLemon83

    She's already quit her vlog challenging because of the "haydurs" – 3 days into her own 365-day challenge. That was a quick one…

  17. Malika Johnson

    how how she eats your business???

  18. Heidi Grunberg

    Aaaaaand she quit

  19. Enysa Moore

    Have you seen her recent community post?

  20. Claire Lubrano

    Chantal does not understand keto. At all.

    Mainly, YOU CANNOT CHEAT!!! You will be kicked out of ketosis and the the carbs will have a worse affect on you then if you weren’t doing keto. 😤 you can’t be keto one day and not keto the next

  21. Maddy's House of Geek

    If she thinks a year is a lot, she's got more problems than just binge eating.

  22. rasaan2011

    I'm here for casual Callie!!😊❤

  23. Lizette

    She is a bloody joke!

  24. Mike B

    No one cares, nappy asz ho.e

  25. Hot Dad Fan Club

    Also her info about eating carbs with a protein cancelling out the carbs or whatever is completely false. If you eat carbs with a FAT (i.e. pizza or a burger and fries) the fat will DELAY a spike in your blood sugar (fat slows down sugar metabolism) but your blood sugar will still spike.

  26. WolfOfSin

    heee my comment got shown!! <3

  27. Hot Dad Fan Club

    She literally just admitted that she’s pre-diabetic. An A1C of higher than 7 is a huge red flag for anyone who hasn’t been diagnosed with diabetes. I’ve been type 1 diabetic for 4 years and my A1C is 6.2.

  28. ursonate

    She shouldn't be eating potatoes especially if she's prediabetic. Potatoes have a higher glycemic index than table sugar. If she wants carbs so badly, cruciferous and green leafy vegetables have plenty. Sadly the advice her doctor is giving her is typical and she'll just end up sicker.

  29. The Deranged Dahlia

    i've been away from the flobby bobby drama for a few weeks and holy shit she already looks bigger since the last time i saw her

  30. Simone Taddia

    Have you noticed that obese and morbidly obese people don't do charity? It's always about them. Both Amber and Chantal have 2020 resolutions/goals for themself.
    Even Chantal's knuckles are getting dark.

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