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  1. Brenda Chester

    Tamela you look so good

  2. Hayes Sherelle

    She is so pretty to me, big or small love her


    That fact that shes on Oprah is concerning….Real one's no what im talking about !!!!!!! 🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. Kassaundra Willis

    She's beautiful no matter what size she is. She made thickness look great! God bless her to reach her goal

  5. Sabrina T

    She gorgeous

  6. Todd Smith

    Now she needs to pass this on to others within her industry. There are too many singers in gospel music that are obese!

  7. Eye. stupid Benny Spy

    Looking good lady….but that Oprah! Need Jesus! Pray for her Tam!

  8. Kimberly Turner

    The Body of Christ is preparing herself. Glory to God.
    He's coming back for a Church without spot, wrinkle or blemish. Amen.

  9. Clifton Wingham

    Tamela mann is a very beautiful women. With the voice of an angel. God truly blessed this world with her. Amazing, Talented, Gifted personality and vocals. She looks great before an after.

  10. Jessica B Shingler

    You were already beautiful, but my goodness you look amazing!!! Love you Tamela!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Althea Byers

    Wow WOG you look so gorgeous. Congratulations to you. I'm so proud of you and you are my inspiration. I love you so much and you deserve to be called gospel of the decade and then some. You are so wonderful 😘😍💗💪🏾. I pray that I can get were you are in my weight lost journey. My prayers are with you and continued success to you

  12. mia agnew

    Congratulations tamela mann

  13. Sonia Leffell

    Aretha FRANKLIN is the BEST GOSPEL ARTIST. She cannot be touched!!!!

  14. Sonia Leffell


  15. Trina Harrison

    She's stunning! Congratulations 🎉❤️🙏👍🤗🎇🎈

  16. Deneice Redd-Wafer

    BELLISSIMO!!!! SHE'S AGING BACKWARDS LIKE A BOSS!!!! I'M down 60 pounds myself & it's WONDERFUL….AMEN & HALLELUJAH!!!!! FOOD is meant to Nourishes our body NOT to make us Overweight, Obese or Morbidly Obese! We MUST make FOOD our medicine & medicine our FOOD. Of course I'm talking about highly dense NUTRITIOUS WHOLE FOOD. NOT that JUNK or FAKE Food.

  17. Sandra Allen


  18. Rodney Johnson

    You go girl Mr Brown look out its on more blessings to you both 💪✌🙏

  19. Anita PhiferRowe

    She looks great, absolutely beautiful.

  20. Angela G. Johnson

    Congratulations. You are Truly Blessed and A Blessing to Us All with Your Music. Much Love from Georgia.

  21. Tantamount Montgomery

    She looks amazing.

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