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  1. BeerBiceps

    02:40 – Best & Worst of Tanmay's Current life
    05:05 – Understanding Self-Worth
    07:02 – Proving Yourself
    08:59 – Meaning of Life
    10:23 – 3 Worst Moments of Tanmay's Life
    13:19 – Indian Mentality about Success
    14:11 – How AIB collapsed?
    15:04 – Learning from Past Mistakes
    15:45 – Things Happening with AIB
    16:30 – Darkest Moment in Tanmay's Life
    18:30 – Not everything you hear is the TRUTH!
    21:40 – Doing the right things with AIB
    24:50 – Ranveer's Impact on Tanmay's Life
    26:34 – Tanmay = Positive or Negative Mindset?
    27:29 – Understanding Investments & Money
    30:05 – Bangalore vs Mumbai
    32:00 – Self-Awareness
    33:55 – Failing at Life
    35:40 – Arrogance and Being Judgemental
    37:35 – Mentoring and Working with People
    38:33 – Enthusiasm and Lazy Geniuses
    40:50 – Deal-breaker while hiring someone
    41:19 – Current Physical Fitness Level
    42:20 – Perspective on Weight training and Current weight loss process
    43:47 – Current Zone in Life
    44:27 – Ignore critics
    45:59 – Support System during low times
    46:20 – Therapy vs Friend Support
    47:47 – Meditation and HeadSpace
    48:56 – Acute Sleep Apnea and Close to death encounter
    51:49 – How did Tanmay get overweight?
    53:21 – Conscious Eating
    55:20 – Getting sports for weight loss
    56:33 – Body Shaming
    58:45 – Weight Loss – The Mental Aspect
    1:00:00 – Understanding Emotional Trauma and self-healing
    1:04:01 – Ranveer before BeerBiceps
    1:04:59 – Last Message from Tanmay

  2. Shivam Sahu

    Happiness is watching podcast of beerbiceps and experience someone else thought process and discussions on them

  3. Sunali Jain

    What is he actually doing these days

  4. Sunali Jain

    Why is he not looking straight

  5. Vrajesh Parikh

    This guy need to take shower and brush his hair ! He looks dirty .

  6. Vaibhav

    Man please invite Salil jamdar on show, at least once

  7. siddhant alhat

    Tanmay's only mistake was he was trying to do everything by himself. Sometimes you have to leverage things to trustworthy people.

  8. Avinash Singh

    The best podcast of all till date, so much to learn.
    Life is extremely long, there's so much to do in it.. 👍🏽

  9. TS

    Happiness is a Journey & not a Destination
    #Tanmay_Bhatt #2020

  10. Utkarsh Nema

    At 1:05:00 i was expecting same dialogue…..

  11. Harish Siripuram

    Please bring Shwetabh Gangwar!

  12. Splash 2023

    U dnt need to beep bro…….tanmay rocks he is just an amazing human being….so much to learn from him

  13. Viraj Jadhav


  14. Htconex Onex

    Willing to pay for this content Ranveer. It's great!

  15. Anuja Dhar

    I relate to Tanmay's views about success and life on different level bruh

  16. S SK

    Awesome episode. Best till date !

  17. Abhishek Srivastava

    He gained his weight again

  18. Pratham Goyal

    Will support you guys always..😊

  19. Karthik Nayak

    Tanmay baba ki jai

  20. Ankit Kumain

    Ranveer- You helped me.
    Tanmay- Abey sale.

  21. Eagle Z

    Tanmay goes " saari gaaliyan beep kardi iss chu ne…. Effort gone to waste"….😢

  22. Azeem Khan

    I think the best Interview I've ever watched. Tanmay is mind boggling

  23. Girish Wagle

    Ek number podcast bhai…

  24. vandy Emm

    I wanted to hear Tanmay talk about the gaming part of his channel. The last bit went over weight loss again and again. Beer Biceps I know you are obsessed with weight loss but I wanted to hear other aspects of Tanmay as well. Other than that really enjoyed this new chill version of Tanmay. Mad respect for folks who can pick themselves up after a big down.

  25. Gurnoor Singh

    Tanmay Bhai – Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  26. Poetry Wise

    The Ranveer show episode with maximum bleeps 😀

  27. CodingEnviroN

    Tanmay is fun to listen..

  28. CodingEnviroN

    Made my day brother…

  29. tarun chauhan

    Best podcast

  30. navneet chouhan

    It's 2:47 am in Mumbai and I came across to a version of Tanmay which he show cased at scoowoop unscripted .. thanks Ranveer

  31. Shubham Pahurkar

    Out of all your podcasts, this was the most connecting one. Depression and performance anxiety are major issues the youth is facing. Great content beer biceps 🙏🏻

  32. Rajeev Subhash

    37:05 Rrrrrr 😂

  33. sreyan__ deep

    Tanmay dresses so like a kid in more or less every comic shows or interviews that now it's so fucking attractive. <3

  34. Maria D'souza

    Happy to see Tanmay back…..want to see him more n more 😍😍😍😍😍

  35. Deepak Yewale

    Tanmay ek baar Daru pine baithte hai jaha sirf tu baat karega. ❤️

  36. Sanjay S

    Hey Tanmay, You were one of the inspiration behind me starting Keto and now I've made a business out of it !!! I know there's a tiny chance you'll get to read this, but if I can send you some sugar free sweetener to help you with your diet please let me know. Check insta DM from @lowcarb.india … No shoutout or anything required. Cheers, keep up the hustle 🤗

  37. Sahir Bansal

    he didn't really answer the money question

  38. Altamash Raza

    27:40 That Laugh

  39. Notorious 420

    I Love it Amazing stuff bhai

  40. President G.A.P.

    Ranveer this podcast was fantastic…….lot of learnings

  41. Awaara Sisters

    This podcast was really nice! Didn't know Tanmay this well!

  42. Modi ji

    Tanmay is everywhere on YouTube nowadays
    Saw the video
    What a legend!

  43. mahendra singh

    I think this one of the best podcasts and i have seen all of them

  44. Shradha Suman

    I believe both of them Ranveer n Tanmay are very intelligent speaker n great minds, sometimes I feel content like these help in getting new perspective towards life n I needed it right now.
    Life is incredibly long n make long term choices

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