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  1. Shridhara Eddowes

    Woman's body already has the fat burning hormone, all you have to do is to make your weight-loss hormone doing the job, this method called Metabolic Override. And then, you will lose fat easily without restricting the foods you crave most

  2. chan040911

    I find this quite boring.

  3. Ljubomir Markovic

    It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when these normal people accomplish it easily with Max Muscle Booster (go Google it).

  4. Hufflepunk

    It all depends on you- how much effort you bring to your workouts, and if you do them regularly and push yourself. If you eat right and take care of your sleep requirements, that helps a lot. Everyone's results will be different.

  5. Pilar Lorena

    hey it would b really useful if instead of just telling us to do it 5 times that u actully did it too. i dont feel motivated just doing it on my own and end up just finishing the video at the same place u did

  6. Ambra Mema

    @kjjanjua does this really works?? and if yes how long does it takes for the effect to be visible ?? 🙂

  7. yana160

    Great! Ime so gonna try this! 😀

  8. XxchocolategurlxX

    does this work?

  9. tambrose445

    Nice short routine. Thanks Tara

  10. orangewizard

    Tah rah is my rokk!

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