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  1. Sofia MakeUp Smink tippek

    Loved the video!
    I would love to try these 😀
    email: caruelsofia@gmail.com

  2. Aaliyah Curtis

    loved this video! I’d love to join the giveaway. my email is aaliyahpack@gmail.com 💕💕 good luck everyone. 🦋

  3. Ivana Crnjaković

    Woah that blended beautifull. And your skin looks amazing even withouth makeup 😍😍

    Email: pike.ivanacrnjakovic@gmail.com

  4. Megan Hanson


  5. Nelly A

    Jaime thanks for the thorough review. I would really like to try and win this product ☺️ nasimali18@gmail.com

  6. Hirah Sheikh

    This review was so helpful! I am so excited that there’s finally a new innovative product out in the makeup industry now. Thank you for making this video 🙂 my email is sheikh.hirah25@gmail.com if I do end up getting selected for the giveaway

  7. alina nasim

    Love it❤️

  8. Lively Lively

    You are soo pretty. I love how you did your eyebrows, Maybe you can post your eyebrow routine? and Love your lashes girly

  9. Marzia Khan

    I like your review. I really liked your lashes.

  10. Genevive Ross

    That eye lash though…..love you girl.. you are so beautiful 😍 love the detailed review and your voice is very calming..

  11. Nurse Becky


  12. Alyssa Jade

    I love ur lashes are they extensions or a strip !!?? They look like extensions but personality I've never seen any thos thick I absolutely love them

  13. Ravinder Kang

    omg thank you for this video! tbh i came here for the review but didn't think i'd learn how to contour. thanks girl!

  14. Jules

    Liked, subscribed, also; I love your hair! Julieestrada570@gmail.com

  15. Adriana Garcia

    Ugh…I want to try this so badly. Great review, thanks!!!
    Email: iluvfaeries80@gmail

  16. Lauren Lee

    lauren.lee0513@yahoo.com , but i just came across you on twitter and you popped up on my suggestions! you are suppaa cute , honest & seem so genuine. i look forward to watching more of you 💕

  17. Sarah Hess

    Great review! Sarahhess817@gmail.com

  18. Zania Gonzalez

    Wow I love hope well your makeup cake out with the blendiful. Great video! New subscriber can’t wait to see more of this content. Zaniagphienix@gmail.com

  19. Sonia Arif

    Thank you for the detailed review

  20. lillian wemyss

    These look amazing I'd love it my email is granlil3@hotmail.com thank you xx

  21. lillian wemyss

    I'd love to win this and this and would donate it in my beauty bag for a friend

  22. Natalie Gauthreaux

    Your makeup up is flawless! The contour is 🤩🤩🤩! I love how you took your time explaining everything! Some people don’t and fast forward too much!! My email: natgauthreaux@gmail.com

  23. Jane Pulley

    Really liked your review of tati’s blendiful and thanks for getting them out there so fast.. I wanted to get them but could not afford them right now.


  24. Alisha Couch

    I need to try this blendiful out! Thanks for the giveaway! alishacouch@msn.com

  25. Michelle Conlon

    Awesome demo on the blendiful! Thanks for the giveaway! I don't feel comfortable putting my email out but I think you can contact me on here too! I'd love to be able to try this out! 🤞

  26. Mystical Mermaid

    Pretty cool I'll have to try!

  27. sjdhfiw

    Love this review

  28. Heather LeiiGh


  29. Heather LeiiGh

    I'm new here and literally wanted to just watch some reviews of the Blendiful that Tati came out with on Friday..Yours was the first video that came up but now I am OBSESSED and have totally been binge watching all of your videos! I also am a HUUGEE Scott Barnes fan…I mean, the man just Knows his ish* about all things skincare, makeup & beauty! LOVE YOUR CHANNEL SOO FAR🥰🥰


    Wow, I really like how it looks and how eager Tati was with releasing this product! Great review!


  31. Alora Patience

    i love all your videos! my email is apat3114@giant.cos.edu . as a college student, i wish i could be able to afford nice things for myself such as this, so if i had the opportunity to be a part of this giveaway it would be used every single day and i would be so grateful. thank you!

  32. Jes Ng

    Very detailed, Jaimme. But I wish it comes with multiple sizes or a mini set. I want to use it separately. Thanks for Giving away. Really want to try it.

  33. Ashley Buzzell

    You are absolutely gorgeous! I would absolutely love to try this😍

  34. CJ Canfield

    I love this, your makeup looks flawless. You don’t just feel snatched you look snatched! I wanna try this soooo bad. 😭
    Email: Cjcans345@gmail.com

  35. Becky Orton

    Wow this just applies products so effortlessly! Beckyorton01@gmail.com

  36. lori bee

    This is so different but I like it !! That foundation application is FLAWLESS!Thank you for doing a giveaway!!! 💜💜💜💜💜


  37. Milica Josic

    Wow you look so much like Anne Hathaway without makeup! 😍

  38. Che C J

    I feel ordering more sets of these sponges is the best.
    One or more for face make up and one for powder, one for bronzer?
    A few sets of these sponges are good to purchase while one sets being cleaned, you can use the other ..😊👍

  39. Jennifer Martinez

    After watching your video now I know for sure I want it! 💛🤞🏼
    Email: martinez_jennifer@icloud.com

  40. Kate_Kosmo

    I just love Tati. New subscriber here. Thanks for a chance at the giveaway. IG: @kate_kosmo email: kgal287@gmail.com

  41. Jennifer Redd

    Thank you for this review!


  42. Karen Billingsley

    I just found your channel and subscribed. One thing about this you can do everything with it except the eyes so just think if you were going on vacation you could take this and a few eye brushes and you would have it made because you know your going to end up buying more than just one. Thanks for such a great review

  43. Vanessa T

    Loved the way you did the highlight and contour!!

  44. L Martinez

    Amazing review! So detailed! I looked but I didn’t see if you had reviewed the Tati palette? If not I’d love to see a future tutorial on different eye looks with it please. Thank you for the giveaway and the chance to win!


  45. Treena Jones

    Omg this looks amazing and your make up turned out looking so flawless!! I want the Blendiful so bad, fingers crossed ..I hope I win. I've never won A giveaway before. 😘👍🌈🌈😀
    IG: sweetsmartblondie

  46. Kelly The Make Up Mom

    You are gorgeous 🤗, email is KellySkiro@gmail.com

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