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  1. Sarah No

    I support Shane because I love his content & the products look great, but he is being pretty manipulative. 😒 There are many instances of him guilting, pressuring and manipulating people into buying his stuff. Including in this video.
    "I ordered way more this time. I didn't want to let them down, but you guys came through".
    As if it's our sole responsibility to buy buy buy so he doesn't "disappoint" Jeffree. That's just not right.

  2. De Jesus Bautista

    I want to know why no one speaks about Tati sending Pr to Manny Mua after her good bye sister video she said that. He didn’t support her with her first vitamin launch????

  3. Marissa Bones

    I just love your sarcasm

  4. Manuel Ferreiro

    Why do I have to watch politicall ads!!! I want to support your channel but it's just too much

  5. hugh jass

    I love how these people are complaining like it's the end of the world! …ITS. JUST. MAKEUP.

  6. damnationdiginified

    Jeffree needs to get a new website host, seriously!!

  7. Tamara Figge

    This is why I don’t try to buy anything from J*. Every time he has a launch something happens. His makeup isn’t the end all, be all. There are just as good indie brands out there. Just because one person jumps off a cliff, does everyone else have to?

  8. Gerty Bz

    Shane Dawson: "Omg I'm so nervous I'm totes not guilt tripping you into pouring Moar Cash in my pockets NO PRESSURE."
    Also Shane Dawson: "Oh btw some merch is left IN GENERAL Buy All Naow plskthx BYEEEEE."

  9. Jen Shaw

    Re: Jeffree How ungrateful and entitled are those customers who say that “customer service is $hit”!!! Really? There are a million people trying to buy on the website and there is a bug. It happens. Give J and his team some time to fix the situation. Yes, I understand it’s frustrating, but those people expect a “right here right now” reply otherwise they throw a tantrum on social media.

  10. CreepyAtTheDiscoToBattle !!

    I'm shook that there has problems with the JS website 👀👀 (I meant before he addressed it)

  11. Ishan Ali

    The tea is extremely hot

  12. Meg Walker

    This is always so confusing I've bought almost every launch and never had an issue I feel so bad but so happy I was able to grab the boxes, highlight, and sweatshirt. That highlight oh my lawd I'm excited to bathe in that.

  13. Patti Harvey

    Before Jeffree Star I was team Tati all the way and still am. This is why. Her transparency and honesty. 👍❤

  14. Brittany Walko

    I tried to get a mystery box. Said i was in line and it never loaded it told me not to leave the page or i would be bumped. I didnt even get to the page to put my info in so luckily i didnt get my money took for nothing but i ended up leaving the page after patiently waiting 7 mins and i went back and they were SOLD OUT! 😭😭😭😭😭

  15. Neiwar7

    Tati did the right thing. Totally professional and responsible. As for Shane Dawson’s restock…. what a crock. I’ll bet you there was no restock and it was just a marketing ploy to build the hype for the real restock in 2020. It was pretty much all sold out as soon as it hit the site. Whatever. Lol. Marketing 101 bullshit. And Jeffree Star…. I won’t be bothering anymore with the brand. The website is useless and the service that sits with it is not customer approved. Perhaps JSC needs to review its own product and service line …. i can assure you it wouldn’t be Jeffree star approved. It’s making Jaclyn hill look competent.

  16. Annie W

    I like Tati but I really wish she would tell us why she didn’t have Shane or Jeffree on her pr list. And she’s been talking about being tired, taking better care of herself, growing Tati beauty, and having a baby next year….it’s just a lot…I wish her all the best.

  17. Emma Smith

    Here's a little tip
    If you DONT like a surprise
    DONT buy a fucking mystery boxe

  18. Juanita Lara

    I was charged full price for a makeup bag!! Customer service still haven’t emailed me back 😒

  19. Fiona Brooks

    Tati doesn't "shove products down our throats" she's one who is truly respectful and want her fans to be happy with her products and is very transparent with everything … Other brands need to take a lesson from her.

  20. Aprill Cosper

    Yeah about the alien palette, I seen it on another site it was gonna be in on the sale then I went to site and never did see it listed. So I just said F it, i got enough makeup for now anyway. 🤷😂

  21. Omara Oliver

    What surgery did her sister get?

  22. Shawna Johnson

    Those mystery boxes are usually the least sold shades, so they're basically a way for JS to get rid of all the crap that's not selling regularly. Would never buy one!

  23. M M

    Did Shane really just say, "if you're poor, just draw a pig on your face so I know you're a real fan" …?

  24. psychicoutlaw Chanel

    That's what Tati gets for dealing with Color Pop, she said they make her product. Whichever, Seed or CP it is THEIR schedule not hers that is running 'her' company's show. As to J* get someone better than shopify, gawd man put it on amazon lol! TY!!

  25. Katelyn

    Yes Tati! That's how you run a business!! That just shows that she cares about her customers more than just making sure she keeps pushing shit. That's how you run a business 🤩 I hope her sister is okay, recovery is hard enough without getting sick on top of it. And this is Jeffree's mystery boxes, there has been an issue with every mystery box he has released, so are we really that surprised?

  26. Paige kay

    I got a valentine's j.s mystery box before and it was disappointing honestly. And I adore him. But I'm not surprised

  27. Tammy DeFord

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