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  1. April L Butcher

    The description box is now updated. I know it took me a minute. But I had a difficult day at the doctor's yesterday and I am in the process off packing to move back to Las Vegas Please accept my deepest apologies!

  2. Alison

    This review is 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  3. Alejandra Garcia

    Im sorry but why am i receiving your notifications if im not even subscribed to this channel??? Im confused

  4. Veronica

    The messiness 😂😂😂😂

  5. toonmili03

    I saw about 3 or 4 black or blackish women.

  6. quadbox

    You look absolutely gorgeous.

  7. tdeladeriere

    Loved the color combo, though I agree with you, you can do without the glitter. Up to the metallic, perfect !

  8. Zora Banks

    Wait a Minuit!!! You not that old you may be just starting to see changes in your skin but, I’m over sixty and this is the best I’ve ever been. And for all those youngin’s their time is coming🤣

  9. Zora Banks

    With this Tati palette I really wish you had demonstrated how you would work with that lightest in the palette just give us out here a sense of how to use it since you mentioned it in the beginning of your vid how you could use it with your skintone.

  10. Zora Banks

    Girl, the struggle is real and hooded eyes after fifty sagg a great deal this Tati Palette is the bomb.com even with the glitter fallout I just use a glitter glue hence the stay put power. I love this palette for the formulas and I don’t have to remember a ton of names when it. Likr!!!

  11. Erikka Kartak

    Girl I relate to the struggle lids soooo much. I don’t have hooded eyes but my brows and brow bone are so low I have next to no space to do shadow with!

  12. Lori Lundell

    I loved this today. It is just what I needed! You speak to me. Thanks for speaking to us over 40! Breathe of fresh air! ❤

  13. Walkercolours

    29:40 ain't nothin' old an' stale over heeyah! Got me deceased.

  14. Melissa LuvsPlease

    Owww I am excited for this review!! My 1st time here.
    I am so sorry you have broken your leg and I pray it heals very soon! 50 and fine
    (SIDE NOTE: I love Tati and have been watching her for over 2 years…That one single lovely woman of color was the only woman over 40….make sense?? Where are all of the younger women of color??)

  15. stephanie sparks

    I just found you and I loved this video . I’m 55 I look for subscribers who are getting more mature . I have hooded eyes and I’m not a pro so I look for shadows that blend easily . I love “make up geek “ shadows . I have also learned that I have to find what works for me and my lines and wrinkles . Lol … Wayne goss is excellent on teaching techniques for more mature people . Yes I love the mark Kay satin lip .

  16. Crystal

    Thanks for looking out and making this video. I was definitely looking for videos to see how it looks on deeper complexions and I found none out there. I didn't know how long I was going to have to wait. I thank Rich Lux for giving you his palette!

  17. Laurie Gold

    I too noticed there was just one WOC at the PR event. I’ve tried to watch reviews of the palette even though the shades are generally too dark or too warm for me, because I like Tati. Thanks for doing this review. I’m glad I found your channel because I too struggle with application. My eyelids are falling and can’t get up. 😱

  18. Holly Brooke

    I’m so happy I stumbled upon your channel!! First THANK YOU for praising our Lord and Savior. Far too many people are too afraid to mention Jesus Christ in today’s society! That got me girl. Secondly I am loving how real you are. Third, as a women over 40 the hooded struggle isn’t so real! I’ve always had hooded eyes but the older I get the more hooded they become. Your style is perfect. I’m loving you!

  19. Tara Donnelly

    I like your video it looks like real life I know that might not make sense it’s up close in real lights and not skipping through.

  20. Nancy B

    Thank you for speaking the truth. In so many areas, in so many sectors, thank you for being a voice for us.

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