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  1. Andréa Matillano

    Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my video! 💗 I tried to cover everything but still keep the video on the more concise side, so let me know if you have any questions I didn't answer in the video! I want to be helpful in case you are trying to decide whether or not to buy this palette.

  2. Anitra Turner

    13 days later I got mine today and I also picked it up on the launch day customer service promise me to check on it for me and never got back to me SO POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE ALREADY

  3. Medic Ricker

    I always appreciate your honestly. Looking forward to the second release – I am hoping for another palette with colors that are more up my alley. Glad the quality is there.

  4. Dee


  5. TMM 520

    Wow! I’m seeing more purple then I’ve seen in other reviews. Beautiful 💜

  6. Celina Antony

    If you wet the sequins shades the glitter shows up way better

  7. bardlover6

    I think she’ll do a purple palette

  8. Tracey Rusthoven

    Thank you for this!!! I love your reviews

  9. leah0027

    I'm still waiting for my palette! I feel like I want my shipping charges back. I ordered the first day too and today will be 13 days.. I just want to try it!

  10. Marisol Cuellar

    Out of all the videos I’ve watched on this palette you definitely created the best looks! 💕

  11. Nyasia C

    You look gorgeous!!!

  12. chlojoe100

    Not really a Tati fan. The palette is not anything too original or exciting and I wouldn't purchase it but you did a nice job on the eye look!

  13. Mackenzie Van V

    tbh i didn’t want to watch any reviews on this bc it seemed like such a hype item, but as soon as i saw your video i clicked- you always give such fantastic, honest, and concise reviews!! and the look you created with poet is gorgeous!

  14. Rei Life

    Thank you so much for reviewing this! I am actually most excited about the sequin & glitter shades <3

  15. alivimia

    I love your videos! As a suggestion, I just wish you would zoomed in closer when you do eyeshadow tutorials.

  16. Penny Lane Mitchell

    thank you for taking the time to do the tutorials! So cool to see the colorful look out of the neutral pallete.

  17. Amanda Russo

    I got my palette yesterday and I was SOOO excited but I’m missing metallic Memory and glitter Aura. It was a defected palette! 🙁
    Hopefully this didn’t effect too many people!

  18. my3

    I would love to know do you think this palate is beginner-friendly? & if you can compare it to a different eyeshadow formula which one do you think it would be like? Thanks!

  19. Ann Linton

    Andréa….STUNNING look as always! Thank you for the review! I “pre-ordered” it. I was going to wait for the reviews but when it sold out so quickly, I didn’t want to wait much longer!

  20. Amy Bahre

    Just got this today and the glitters are my favorite thing about this palette! Normally I would use the stila liquid glitters but they would always dry up before I finished them. These glitters are way better and easier to apply!!

  21. Vanessa Dunleavy

    This is the best review I’ve seen so far and I’ve seen so many!!!

  22. Sabrina Rodriguez

    Thanks for the HONEST review! I might purchase this pallette….I'm going to wait and she what else she comes out with

  23. Nicole Souza

    I just got mine today!!!! Absolutely LOVE the look you did w poet it is gorgeous ❤️

  24. marvona


  25. Nicole Sjostrom

    What you said about the glitters is exactly how I feel. I dont like colourpops glitter shadows because they are giant glitters but the tati beauty glitters are a lot smaller and stay better on the lid.

  26. Jessie Winn

    How do you think these glitters are with your lash extensions? Did it get all over them? How do you clean your lashes?

  27. Kelly Gooch

    This makeup look is BEAUTIFUL on you!!

  28. Steffi Fierens

    I was maybe gonna buy this palette in a year or two when I've finished up some of my eyeshadows. This showed me that the poet row is way too pink for my liking. Already wasn't interested in the sequin row. Now the metallics are not super metallic I know I am not gonna buy this. I will just buy some single eyeshadow glittery shades in the future since I like the urban decay heavy metals eyeshadows so much. The darker colors in that pallet just crease like crazy on me cuz I have slightly hooded lids hopefully these won't.

  29. Candace Kelley

    You nailed it explaining palette layouts. I also get overwhelmed by most of the layouts. I like to do monochromatic looks as well so this lay out is not only aesthetically pleasing but very functional for me.

  30. Daniela Lutea

    I don't know why, but I love this palette! I am praying to receive it for Christmas! (Santa's avoiding me for years now, but if you see him, please ask him to bring me this present😉)

  31. Hedy Mills

    I'm not a Tati fan. I don't watch her videos. However.. I'm intrigued by this palette. I feel like she's tried so many formulas, drug store to extremely high end and everything in-between.. I think she is more than capable of bringing out some really awesome products.

  32. Petra Cunningham

    The sequin shadows were something that was so innovative to me. I have never seen shadows like those ones. I put sequin aura on my lid and when it hit the sun or I moved my face just right it added the perfect amount of glitter bling. I fell in love with the sequin ones

  33. Kirsten Welch

    Love your palette purchase for his month 💕

  34. Natalie Mulligan

    I really like your channel and your makeup looks but this pallette is just awful.

  35. Jessica Allen

    I passed on this purchase. 1 because I have sooo many palettes in my collection that I need to focus on before buying more, and 2 I’m waiting for Tati to release a cool toned palette.

  36. Leslie Ann

    OMG this look you created is beautiful! You look gorgeous! 😍 I'm so excited to get my hands on this palette. I got one for myself and one for my sister since she is a big fan of Tati but she's having financial issues and I knew she wasn't gonna be able to purchase it 🙁

  37. Natalie Mulligan

    Layout of shadows is somewhat interesting but colors look muddy and it's too expensive for what you get. I saw other reviews and honestly the shadows are difficult to blend. Guess I'm not interested in the tati brand.

  38. Artist N Soul

    VIDEO REQUEST: Top 5 neutral palettes, Top 5 colorful palettes, Top five cool tone palettes, Top five day to night palettes.

  39. Irina Yakubovich

    Andrea, which foundation and highlighter did your skin so glowy I'm curious..🙄🤔😍

  40. Sakkara Beirre

    Yay! I love tutorials! My first look with the palette was a glittery black smokey eye (first I had done in literally years) for a masquerade wedding and I was so nervous but it totally came together.
    Love the looks you did!

  41. Jennifer Bedell

    These looks are really beautiful ❤️!

  42. Raven Lenz

    Great review! I’m def not getting this as I’m no fan of Tati but this was fun to watch 🙂

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