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  1. Sarah Khristan

    This is my very first video I've watched of yours – and you told your fans to "suck it". I LOVE YOU I'M NOW SUBBED!

  2. Scarlet Moonlight

    Why does this chick do the same exact makeup look every video? YAWN

  3. Amanda Nelson

    Yessss to the home excursions!!!!

  4. Amanda Nelson

    New to your channel 💜

  5. Dre Baez

    Yessss to a home buying story time! I’ve been spinning around in circles trying to weigh out all of my options for getting my first home!

  6. Tudo para as Divas

    Alguém do Brasil aqui?😂

  7. Lilly Mae Wilcox

    If y'all don't wanna watch the intro 2:55

  8. Tabitha K

    And yesssss please talk about homes! I’m a young homeowner and I have no clue what the fuck I’m doing 🙃

  9. Tabitha K

    It’s getting chilly in South Dakota lmao we have snow already and it’s literally 5 degrees right now 😂

  10. Syd S

    I’d definitely like to hear about your house experience, it definitely would be a good story time! 😂

  11. Therapist Gus

    You’re a beautiful girl but I’m not a fan of such a clownish look that makeup trends are going for lately

  12. Mad Life

    MINE GOT HERE TODAY WHILE I WAS AT WORK!!! It’s at the post office! I CANNOT wait

  13. dawn chute

    I find myself using Nicol isms lol. Love this look!! Asking for this for Christmas!!

  14. Faith Montana

    Those earings are so cute

  15. cristina mora

    beauty youtubers love to say "back in the day" for 2-4 years ago, lol!

  16. April 🥀Rose

    I guess I’m the only human that didn’t buy this. It didn’t look interesting enough for me :/

  17. Samantha Luciani

    I’m so ready for this story time!!

  18. Ashlee Ziegenbein

    Yes! Share your home info!

  19. Tori Lin

    I absolutely love your earrings! Please tell me where you got them if you remember!!!!

  20. Carol Tamion

    I like nicol. But she talks to much about things that we dont really care. I came here to watch the review, and it takes a long time to start this topic

  21. alejandra g

    Yes i plan on buying a home next yr id love to hear all these

  22. mom and tru loves gacha

    Your earings are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. Brandy Skipper

    Love how you support other YouTubers love you Nicol xoxo 💋 are we gonna see something new from you soon 🥰

  24. sarah stepp

    YES! give us all the house tea!!! i’m 22 and me and my boyfriend will probably try to move in the next like 5 years and i have no idea where to even start. PLS girl sos

  25. Gabrielle Romero

    Yes about the house stuff.

  26. Eva N

    Omg Nicol this look is so pretty!! And that lip colour is gorgeous!!

  27. Holly Selden

    Do the story time about your home issues!

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