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  1. Taylor Wynn

    Hi frans! Curious to hear everyone's experiences/thoughts with the palette (particularly the glitters and if yours are more on the wet side than mine), on another note…GIVEAWAY on my Instagram right now! You can enter on this photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/B4c0lOcF5JZ/

  2. Para Keigley

    Avacado got to wild last night!!! Lols. Did the toasts get crazy too. <3

  3. Sarah Vee

    I think Patrick layered the sequin version under the glitter and he said it worked well bc he was saying the same thing that he usually used a glitter primer so he had to get used to the texture

  4. Elizabeth Bergesen

    Dude, she didn't send you one? Love the eye look you did with the pallet.

  5. Fabulous Fabi - Family Channel

    I have major FOMO now after I told myself I don't need to make anymore eyeshadow purchases 😭😭♥️

  6. Bunny Kos

    You should have gotten Tati's pallet through PR, that's bullshit!!!

  7. Denise Reiland

    The pink on the lower lash line, so pretty!

  8. Liz Kimber

    I went off Tati when she went nuts over some kid claiming he stabbed her in the back and had like an hour rant on it.

  9. CraftyShark

    I got this pallette too and I love it but I get crazy fallout with all the sequin formulas, especially Aura. But no one else is talking about it and I feel like I'm doing something wrong 😂

  10. BeauDEE_Queen

    I absolutely love the palette it’s just one that I will actually get good use out of so it’s worth the money ! You can create a basic look , a colorful look using poet , a nice Smokey eye . I think the color story was just wonderfully Thought out and executed . I’m probably gonna hit pan with this palette which I’ve never done with any other ones lol

  11. MommyGlamLife

    Love the look! I’m watching all the reviews just to see how everyone uses their palette. I watched Allie Glines video and she suggested wetting your sequin shades once on the brush then patting the sequin shade on. I tried it and it made the shadow appear so much more saturated in that fine glimmer. Thought I’d share that tidbit 🙂

  12. Brandi Phillips

    I'm not into glitter eyeshadow but I really like the matte colors in this pallete. They are my go-to colors.

  13. ShaRae Burr

    Hiii taylor🙋🏻‍♀️so nice to see you🙌🏼🌹🙏❤️✌🏼

  14. m. cc

    Why would you review this . Taylor out of all the people you could give attention to you chose her? I know you wont read this but if you do I'm unsubbing. I know it's just 1 person to you but know 1 person is disappointed. Loved you throughout the years but I cant support you while you support tati.

  15. Samantha Jennings

    Im still waiting on my Tati Palette! I got sent a tracking number on the 31st but it hasn't moved. My JS X Shane Dawson Palette will be here before it! I'm so bummed, im dying to try it! I was hoping you'd do a review!!! Killed it as usual ❤

  16. kynia likethecountry

    I see you with that new intro 👀 love it, love YOU. 👏👏👏

  17. Kim Barrett

    Great video Taylor, I wish you were closer up though 💕 xx

  18. Allie Hill

    Ok I’m convinced this palette is the ultimate glam with these glitters wowowowowowwwwwww this turned out so BEAUTIFUL.

  19. Purple and Mint

    Tati is from Seattle. 🙂 Great video.

  20. Paladium

    It's a little off putting to me personally that sooooo many of these reviews and tutorials use false lashes. Maybe it's just me, but I don't feel like thats practical. I don't use lashes, I never have, and I don't foresee myself ever doing so. That said, I just wish more creators Incorporated more looks that do not involve putting on false lashes in order to reach a broader crowd is all. Thanks for reading my comment!

  21. January Giles

    Anyone else slightly surprised that Tati didn't send Taylor PR??

  22. Laura Sharp

    I've watched several tati palette review now and it is BY FAR the most gorgeous look created with them. Work of art!

  23. Erika Vanessa Espinosa F

    I don't own it but from what I've seen from other swatches, not only Tati's, your glitters don't look like they swatch the same

  24. Vanessa Elle

    And the sequin row are just useless to me lol I hate mattes with glitter, I totally dont get that. Brands have done that for years and it's to make them blend better…i dk… I just thought she would have done better, she's so all about mattes and building. Realistically there not a ton of different looks you can do, only different shimmers/glitters and the glitters aren't eye safe.

  25. Cathy Nichols

    You didn't get the palette in p.r.? Shame on Tati, she knows you, & has mentioned you in a video!
    I'm not a hater but, Tati messed up on this one.
    Beautiful look!💜
    Luv ya grl!🌙⭐

  26. Vanessa Elle

    I was so disappointed this palette needs more mattes, you need mattes to build a look…

  27. Stevi Anaya

    LOVE the eye look. It's giving me Morticia Addams vibes with the black on black. 😍😍

  28. Barbara Veloz

    Received mine yesterday. ❤️ the palette! Blends really well

  29. Tazzie1312

    "Over time" you can fold it back? So you have to break it first? XD

  30. Brittany House

    I would love to play with mine but I’m still waiting the tracking hasn’t updated since Friday!! I’ll be getting the Shane Dawson Palette before this one 🙄

  31. aggwex

    thanks for reviewing! ❤️ super hyped for this palette when it launched but I wanted to hear your opinion first before I considered buying. I’m not too big on neutrals since they bore me usually but this simple and concise palette setup is speaking to me??? 😯😍

  32. Candace A

    – LOVE the new intro!!
    – I played with it a lot the day it came in and I love it. The shades are more wearable than I expected and I love it!
    I didn't really notice if they were more "wet" feeling… They were really nice and I didn't feel like I needed a glitter glue–they stuck to my lid well.

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