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  1. Jessica Braun | JAMbeauty89

    For those that can't afford this, here are some INCREDIBLE drugstore options:
    Milani Palettes (Soft & Sultry, Bold Obsessions, etc.)
    Physicians Formula Butter Palettes (Sultry Nights is my personal fave – there is a dud shade in that one, though!)
    ELF "The New Classics" palette is a FAVE!!
    I still stand by the Wet 'n Wild quads, too!!

  2. Josie Fender

    I found this extremely informative!!! Great job!! Thank you!!

  3. Rachel Collins

    Finally someone that doesn't think you have to own a Natasha Denona pallet. I have actually bought ine and I am here to tell you they are not the end all be all of eye shadow but every beauty guru thinks they are…well except Jeffree Star and honestly his are my fav…so I'll buy two of his pallets instead of one of hers…but thank you so so much for putting that out there repeatedly…and I still think I am going to get her vitamins and not the makeup…i love Tati but that's where I want to support her.

  4. listen promise on soundcloud

    I would also add that the palette is perfect as your first "grown up" palette- for someone who likes glitter & shimmers but is "afraid" of colour.

  5. Jessmr27

    This is an expensive version of a Murphy palette! Is nothing we haven’t seen before!

  6. Miriam Rasco

    ha ha, you wrote "NO" in all caps.

  7. weeone01

    She does offer after pay aka a payment plan! First time I've ever seen that in beauty

  8. Why Not

    As soon as she said it’s on par with that Natasha Denona palette I was sold

  9. Aurora Fritz

    Thank you for the format. Thank you for making it a short video and for being concise.

  10. Hayley Roche

    If tati sees this and hears you say her pallet is BETTER then Natasha Denona, she would scream in delight

  11. isla girl

    SO HELPFUL! ily mom

  12. ThruTheLookingGlass

    I hope that after you go on vacation and things settle down that you’ll do a more in depth review of this with an eye look. Only because I’m truly interested in buying this palette and I trust your opinion as we tend to gravitate toward a lot of the same things. Praying for a safe and fun trip for you and your precious family!! Xoxo -Rhianna

  13. sadiya sultana Sushan

    Your review on this is the best one till far ❤

  14. Rikki Hurt

    I'll be honest.. most days I wear almost no makeup… I do my brows and mascara… That is all!

    I know how to do my makeup, I like makeup… But I can't afford quality makeup which is important cause I have very sensitive skin… I have a lot of health issues and therefore no money to spend on makeup.

    I did buy this palette though. I know I'm getting a quality product and she accepted after pay.

  15. Sara Dixon

    I really liked this speed review!!!

  16. Haley Jones

    omg finally an articulate and organized youtuber that doesn't ramble on aimlessly for 20 minutes per video. where have you been all my life?

  17. cis star

    Your foundation is on point today and so dewy!! Gorgeous!

  18. S.E. Fenno

    I loved the format of this video. You will want to buy it if…You might not want it if… Please do more videos like this, it was super helpful.

  19. Stef Sim

    wow this review is so good and straight to the point! gooood job !

  20. Sophie Taylor

    Loved the “you might not need this pallet” really gave me a new perspective

  21. Cindy Maldonado

    Love ❤️ your videos
    You are so beautiful
    But anyways just wanted to mention how disgusted I’m with people selling this palette of Tati on the MERCARI app for over 100 the highest price. It’s up nauseous in my opinion. Will rather wait till to get mine in December. I thought I share that with you.
    😊 thank you

  22. Kristi Sonnier

    Love love love your honest reviews Jessica! My daughter is get the pallet so I’m going to get to play before I buy and I can’t wait! Have a great day!

  23. Mallory Lee

    Great review. I would love to support Tati on a future palette that has less glitter neutral palette more wearable to work.

  24. Amy C News

    It was so helpful! I’m so grateful I came across your channel! 😁💕

  25. J. Inspirit

    Hi, I am a Tati fan and just came to watch the review. I loved hearing your review on this palette this was straight to the point and very helpful especially with the tips included. I ordered mine and waiting for it to arrive. I can't wait to play with it.

  26. Monique Calabro

    I haven’t bought eyeshadow in forever. But I think I want this 😂

  27. heidi edwards

    All of your LINE is SOLD OUT???😥😥😥😥😥😥

  28. Julie Charbonnier

    Best review ever!!!

  29. Am

    YOU RECEIVED TATI’S PR! THAT’S SO COOL! Great; straight to the point review.
    • However, I wish you would’ve shown the shadows in action. 👏🏼

  30. Helen McKinzi

    I was dead set on this palette, but I realized… I will never use the pink or the orange row, and Soothe is really warm toned for me. I'm a cool toned girl and I wear cool tones only, warm tones don't look good in me at all. And buying a palette when I will only use half of it? I can't justify that. But I will be on the lookout for future Tati Beauty releases. Maybe one of the next ones will have colours that will work for me. Great video! I loved this format!

  31. ꧁Hilda. RG꧂

    Sorry but don't care for Tati or her palette, Pass

  32. Salina Beveridge

    Yes to the this style of speed review !!

  33. Salina Beveridge

    Love the style of this video! You might not need this pallet if/ you might like this pallet if! Very cool

  34. eatlettuce

    THANK YOU! I think this is the most honest review that I have seen on YouTube. Wish others were as honest as you!

  35. Carol Phillips

    Best review of this palette that I've seen thus far.

  36. Julie Donohue

    The palette cost me AUD$92 including shipping and taxes to get it to Australia. So very expensive but I just had to have it. I’ve been watching Tati for years and want to support her. She picked my fave You Tubers to send her palette as PR to…she must have looked at my subscription list haha.

  37. moonnu chamling

    I love this palette. This is for me . I love everything about this palette. I love queen Tatixoxo 💖😚

  38. Tracy Olson

    I love the way these eye shadows looked on you. I would love to see you try the purple/pink colors in the pallet and maybe the blues. I don't wear blue eyeshadow much at all so I'm leaning toward the purple/pink. I think your eye color is brown or maybe hazel and I have brown eyes and would love to see how it works on you before I spend the money on the pallet. Loved this style of review.

  39. emmythemac

    I love this review format! For me, as a grad student, I think I will pass for now. As of now I have a decent sized makeup collection, so budget and uniqueness are important going forward. I like the idea of being pushed into different finishes than I would normally gravitate toward, but if I'm honest with myself I could push myself in that direction with my current collection if I really wanted to.

  40. Zarlasht Qadir Khan

    Yesssssss to speed reviews! Thank you for this review, Jessica! Love you loads! ❤

  41. Paulina Darett

    Thank you for being honest! Love Tati and Love you! I feel like you guys have very honest and similar channels. <3

  42. Jennifer Ford

    I definitely shouldn’t spend that much money on a palette but without the sequin row I might have considered it. I love the layout and the idea but that sequin row is everything I hate in an eyeshadow. I love a beautiful satin shadow. If they had been satins it would have sold me. There is already metallic and glitter, I don’t need another shade with a satin finish and sparse contrasting glitter. When I saw her pictures first I hoped that they would look different but as soon as I saw swatches from anyone I hated them. Glad some people love them, glad she followed her vision, just not for me.

  43. Tifalope867

    I already impulsively bought it but I still really appreciate this quick and honest review since it hasn't arrived yet 💜
    I like supporting my faves 👍

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