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  1. Jeanette Sattora

    I just subscribed to your channel, because of the way you were so kind to Tati!!!💄💄💄💄💅💅💅💅💃💃💃💃💋💋💋💋

  2. Nyssa Elise

    That was a beautifully honest review rich lux, enjoyed it and it reminded me of how wonderful Tati is 🙂

  3. Jaclyn Ryan

    Oohh I like those glittery ones!

  4. Justmiss jamey

    Does it say where the pallette is made?!

  5. Sarah Herbert

    You are THE BEST!!!!🤣🤴🏾👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Baby, just so real, I am so in love with your personality, your look, everythin! You are so original and your reviews are always so honest and 100. So thank you boo!💋💋💋

  6. Photoshop Transformations

    The Jeffree star PR packages behind him look just like Tatis PR package 😳

  7. Lauren C

    I ordered it the second it launched

  8. Amy Gibbs

    great job on this Rich, i love seeing the support for Tati cause, well… i love her, AND you!!

  9. carolsteeleactionplan

    Tati blocked me on Twitter so I guess I wont buy her neutral palette.

  10. layla s

    I love Tati and will buy this palette. I have bought Huda once, I have never purchased Jeffrey Star. This palette is exactly what I want and will use a lot. I like luxury brands and I trust her.

  11. Marilyn DePaola

    I have watched your videos a few times… but after this one im subbing! You are so real and honest and funny!!! Love you! Lol. Thanks for honest review… opinions …. i will watchin+

  12. Susan Menn

    I want to see the kitty cat!😻

  13. Marqueta Reese

    Besides Jeffree Star’s makeup, this latest release from Tati is by far one of the best I’ve ever seen from a YouTuber. This is so gorgeous I’m definitely going to buy. 😍😍😍😍😍😍. I will never buy anything from Huda Kattan. My spirit doesn’t take her very well. She doesn’t come off as likable in my book. But I’m getting Tati’s makeup for sure. Can’t wait to see what else she has in store.

  14. Ashley Juszczyk

    Lmfao i just said "tati loves this primer " the other day in ulta

  15. Julia Márquez

    I love your lip color…Cuál estás usado please?! Your skin looks fabulous too. What are you using?

  16. Amanda Rettig

    Lmao! The voice he uses for the haters😆😆 "that one commenter, well rich lux…"😆💀

  17. Haley Sperbeck

    I was in checkout for 15 minutes, but i got my hands on it 🤗😍😊 thank god!!! I get it with people being scared of not selling, but not really, i wish Tati and others really believed that they should order way more units tgan they think,like come on..this is going to sell out,i know it! It was worth the 58$ for me…i want Shane and Jeffrees so bad,but i have a feeling ill never get it before its sold out in 5 seconds 😣😓

  18. Megan

    You are just amazing have loved discovering your channel ! Xxx

  19. Jakaŭ ישראל

    Why did Tati and Jeffree stop being friends?!

  20. Gaby Amezcua

    This video alone made me subscribe! Thank you for keeping it completely real and just appreciate your honesty. BTW totally me sending you vibes for the orange reflect shade!

  21. Pamela Corral

    I just bought one of Hudas mini nude palettes. It was made in China. Tatis palette is going to blow hers away. Huda needs to lower her prices if shes gonna sell those Made in China blend away to nothing mattes. Shimmers are shimmers but those mattes tell the real story.

  22. Dolsie Mercado


  23. Allyson Holt

    I love the way the palette is set up. Like Colors together. Colors dont look randomly placed.

  24. elya foust

    Each color (horizontal):Memory, Ritual, Story, Soothe, and Aura come in the 4 formulas.

    The shades are the same but in the different finishes.

    Finishes (vertical): Matte, Sequin, Metallic, and Glitter

    Glitter Aura, or Sequin Story etc.

  25. Ren Bow

    I've watched a few if your videos here and there over the last few months & although you entertain me & make me laugh. THIS video made me subscribe. I've never seen you be so thoughtful & kind & sincere. You truly seemed like yourself mote than ever. I love that!💛 #NewSubscriber

  26. Shay Beauty

    I'm living for this palette! omg. I want one soooooo bad. I've heard nothing but excellent reviews and just sounds like overall great quality!! You look gorgeous, Rich!!! Love you

  27. Cyndie LouWho

    I ordered Tati’s palette the second it dropped! It is STUNNING! I have not EVER bought a 48$ palette in my life but this palette is something I can wear every single day in my regular boring life and something for when I need a more glamorous look for like going to the grocery store. She is amazing and so deserving of all the success!! I love her with all my heart! And Huda, girl…..just no. I wish Tati nothing but the very best and all the happiness in the world! She must really like you too Rich ❤️ therefore you have gained a new subscriber today 😘 (I’m very picky too)

  28. PrettyBaby

    I love it when you do swatches because then I know what they will look like with my skin tone.

  29. Chrissy Moss

    Tati creates "*The People's Palette*" .
    Btw, Rich, you're too cute. Blessings ❣❣

  30. Beautiful Browne Soul

    I love glitter and neutral so I love this palette

  31. Jessica Prado Hanson

    When you say that they read the same on camera that they do in real life I wonder if tati did that on purpose and actually spent the time to make sure the colors were able to do that. I can totally see her being the type of person that is that obsessed with making people feel beautiful on camera that she thought of that. Because she wants to also look her best on camera and it is kind of weird when an eyeshadow looks completely different in real life than it does on camera because then we can't really share how beautiful it is. I know I have left weird comments on my Instagram where I'm like oh yeah this eyeshadow looks even better in real life too bad you can't enjoy it. Well I am really glad that when my palate arrives I won't be able to say that!

  32. c janvier

    Absolutely beautiful palette bravo @TATIBEAUTY👏🏼

  33. Night Star

    i do not buy Huda

  34. jaxy

    A palette for the people!! Me 👈🏼 XO Rich! 💋

  35. Rin Yamashita

    Honestly I didn't even know huda dropped a pallet. XD

  36. Laura Martinez

    It's her first palette, of course it's neutral and "safe". Give her time, she'll come out with more colors in the future!

  37. Jo-Annie Rivera

    That is my response to everything… “Gurl whatever it’s pretty 😌”…. love you Rich 👑

  38. Steph V

    Wow love the palette!!!!! I just bought it. I'm totally a glitter girl!!!! Go Astros! HTown!!!

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