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  1. Nat G

    No hate but from someone who stresses about being more environmental friendly, she uses more glitters and sparkles which are made from micro-plastics. When washed off, these micro-plastics end up in the oceans and could end up in small fish, bigger, and sea creatures alike. To my knowledge micro-plastics can not be digesting( to my knowledge)

  2. Toni Defields

    If you turn your lights off alex and then use your cell phone light it will show it's TRUE color xoxox

  3. Vi Castro

    All the glitters look the same on camera

  4. Debi Darling

    You guys are adorable just sitting there putting on makeup like we did at sleepovers when we were 12….better skills but, oh the Memories!

  5. Paula Blue

    I loved this review!

  6. claudio natario

    Both Left eye , the same, both right eye the same. Like that we have 2 looks in different skins tons.

  7. なな-

    Omg those colors 😍😍😍 they look absolutely amazing on the both of u!!! I wonder how they will look on me!!!!❤

  8. Sandra McLean

    you should send your extra palette to Jeffree Star so he can review it hahaha

  9. Jo

    You both look amazing with your completed makeup looks.

  10. Breanna Kilburg

    How did i not know about this launch this is a perfect holiday pallet

  11. bunnycolor

    More please 🙏

  12. Rachel Stoddard

    Do the same looks together so we can see the differences on the eye

  13. sarilove123

    I love that you inviteTiasha to test the palates out as well. I love beauty gurus like Tati and Kathleen Lights but personally cant use their reviews as a sound judgement of what a product will look like on my dark skin, or whether a shadow, blush, etc will even show up. So I really appreciate that you think about it! Much love to you both! <3

  14. Liselle van Deventer

    Tiasha is my Spirit Animal! Love her!!!!! 28:05

  15. LittleMissSkelling

    Would be good to do the same eye look to see how the same look can look different on different skin tones

  16. B K

    All the colours on Tiasha look sooo amazing with her skin tone! 😍

  17. Rachel Clune

    Both look amazing!! Wish my makeup skill's was as good as urs x

  18. Reina Moran

    Hmm might pick this palette up i love what tiasha did with her eye look

  19. Naughty Kitten 13

    I actually cannot wait for this to be restocked! I am fearful of spending money on makeup because my skin is so sensitive and can break out to look like a pufferfish. But I really want to try this one.

  20. meagan-zeta beck

    Hi Alex can you please make a redbubble haul

  21. Paula Ruiz

    I live for you and Tiasha, she is the best, so sweet and great and styling and doing her makeup. Thank you for Tiasha. I know she has another friend she post with but, I live for your collaborations.

  22. Linus❤︎

    Shane’s black is more blue-based to fit the palette , while tati’s black is more grey-based to fit her palette … that’s why there’s such a big difference 😊😊😊

  23. Mayra Estrada

    from swatches i did always think the conspiracy pallet was chalky, next to tatis it just look so much more chalky

  24. Melissa Joy

    The format, graphics, and editing on this were great! Thank you so much for the clear visual and keeping it on screen! really helps me

  25. Hana Rachel

    Please don't forget that Tati started Dramagedon, and almost finished another YouTuber

  26. Julia Boyer/Dunlap

    You could each do one eye with colors that fit more towards the darker skin tone, and then each do the other eye with colors that fit more towards the lighter skin tone. Then we can see two looks with the same colors on each skin tone.

  27. Aerin Boyce

    I am loving this palette

  28. BusyGal36

    loved the story row

  29. Brynn

    Honestly all the glitters looked the same on camera to me lol

  30. Dawn Ehret

    there is a tone in your voice that changes when you say or talk about Jeffree star and its not the first time i have heard it . just an observation .

  31. Talia Lombardo

    Tiasha having no fear and doing a full cut crease for the first time on camera is the kind of energy I’m gonna take with me into 2020

  32. Kaytlyn Tyson

    The irony that the girl on the left is wearing a JS "can't relate" shirt

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