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Starting tomorrow at 10am Central Time, the texture will be replenished neutrally and then Blendiful will be launched, this is a makeup tool you don't know you need. xo ~ tati … Click here!Miracle Moringa Supplement (view mobile)2019 - Updated - New Physical Product On CB! The Only Complete, Tested And Proven Superfood That Supports Overall Health.


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  1. Julia

    yay just ordered my palette

  2. Kristina Pogoian

    Oh yeah, you said it 😆😀

  3. Brandi Brabham

    I need this in my life!!!! Now we need foundation and pore blurring setting powder to apply with the blendiful.. I am so excited to watch tatibeauty grow and be the best makeup brand in the world!!

  4. Kristina Pogoian

    You should maybe teach how to use it!

  5. Kristina Pogoian

    Soooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!

  6. Ireland Maginniss

    The clip at the end 😂❤️

  7. Ireland Maginniss

    I love how creative she is ❤️😌

  8. Eduardo Trevizani

    Really? Haha… I am sorry, This is a "free–with-purchase" kind of product. You should be sending it for free with the palette.

  9. beauty and keto

    Tati is so knowledgeable about the way products work I bet this tool is amazing! SOLD! lol

  10. Bella E

    The only brand I TRUST ! 🌸

  11. peace pachuau

    "Blendiful" was not a word, She made it a word…

  12. Bella E

    Omg I jus ordered the palette 🤯😭😱😱😱 I can’t even imagine waht will the taxes be to my country 😱😱 but I know its worth it ! Love you my queen !!!! 💜

  13. ybagnoel1

    Omg Im so excited! I just order first professional make up palette ever!!! And its the Tati Beauty palette!!

  14. ilda

    I really don't need this… but I really want it😆🤦‍♀️

  15. Ailsa Ni

    I can only imagine how AMAZING it would be when tati gets to make her own mascara. 😍😍😱 magicaaaall

  16. shrimpnyoung

    it looks like cloth made out of a teddy bear xD

  17. T. Dee

    A reusable cotton pad….

  18. MamaGoony

    I got mine! Plus the palette which will be my last palette (planned) for the year! yeah i said it!

  19. Amy Cribbs

    I ordered 😆😆 so excited!!

  20. Mackenzie Haffey

    How does she do it? How does she convince me that I need these things ? lol

  21. Claire Trevenen

    Love your new product too. Super cute ! And I think it will be the game changer for more mature skin people. I can't wait for the day you come out with your own highlighter.. we know you like to glow! Ooh.. maybe your own brushes? I'm enjoying watching your journey

  22. Sasha Kayley Willson

    just ordered mine! I'm excited to be able to use brushes less and have a one size fits all tool!

  23. Lisa Sprague

    Got it

  24. Javier Estrada

    First I was like "really? just that?" but Tati KNOWS. And she knows how to sell things. That's a must have.

    P.S.: THAT LOOK. She did that.

  25. Claire Trevenen

    I don't know if my days are right but is your palette sold out again??? NOOOOO 😭😭😭 please let me have my days wrong.. (I'm useless at working out time differences. I'm in Australia)

  26. Bridgette Stampley

    Yes! Got the palette and the blendiful! ♡

  27. Josefiina Kivero

    I just ordered my blendiful! I have your palette and I use it everyday to do my make up for work, I hope the blendiful makes my rutine even faster!

  28. Josephine Dietz

    Great product

  29. Life with Ovi

    Ahh that last throwback clip killed me!

    Blendiful is a word now! Congratulations Tati! I can’t wait to get my hands on this! 💖

  30. Sara Hup

    Aaaannnnd I'm so excited. I only really wear cream concealer and I'm excited to find something to help smooth it out!

  31. Liliana P

    Oh no, Brazil is not showing as an option to deliver. HELP !

  32. Stacy Weinstein

    I am soooo excited, I just ordered mine!!!! 💕💕

  33. Aaren Alvaro

    Finally ordered your palette today and I got the blendiful as well! Can’t wait to try!!

  34. Kodee Jeritza

    Tati the puff is so brilliant!!! 😍💗

  35. Nikoleta Dolinna

    I need to try IT ❤️ any chance to sending this with hello tablets together ? Love from Poland ❤️

  36. YedyStudio

    Me: A Cloth????
    Me later: Maybe I should try it…

    LOOOOOVE the stress freeeee, love ya!

  37. BlueSkyBeauty

    Bought it without even watching the video first!😂 In Tati we trust.💜

  38. Bree Freeman

    I just ordered my pallet!!!! 🥰🥰🥰

  39. Madison Fontenot

    When will you be posting a video using the puff?? I really would of loved to see it before the launch to see how it all can be used.

  40. Bethany Makris

    Tati!!!! I finally was able to order your Palette! I cannot wait! I'm so excited! 😘💖👄💓💋💕💄

  41. Brittany M

    Just bought it🙌🏻 can’t wait to try it out 🖤🖤

  42. Erica Sherwin

    I got my palette!!! IM SO EXCITED. You are the first person I started watching on YouTube and you have inspired me so much!

  43. Money Monroe Says

    I bought three packs, one for me, and two as gifts 🎁♥️💋

  44. Anna Antunez

    Just bought these 💕 so excited to get them. Please make a video on how to probably cleanse them Tati! Love you tons 💗

  45. Michaela

    Thanks God, I finally got the pallet 🤗 I was so sad, after the whole day re-calculating PST to GMT+1 and when the time finally came (even my loving husband reminded me 😅) the pallet was still sold out. I spend 5 minutes refreshing the page and emotionaly overacting and… It's not important. I'm gonna get it 🎉 I am so happy right now 🤗

  46. Hazel McClerren

    I was lucky enough to get my pallet from the first launch. I just ordered 3 packs of the blendiful!! I’m super excited!!!

  47. Kancy Hess

    OMG I just ordered it today!!!! I’m so excited awesome price point $18! I’ve been needing to replace my Merle Norman foundation brush that I had for years washing it has always been a pain! Love that this is washable! 😊

  48. Faith Tang

    Yesss!!! So happy 😍😍 my husband said I can't buy any new makeup till I use up everything I have ….. But this isn't makeup! 😉 Yaayy ❣️❣️

  49. Brooke Myers

    I wasnt even planning on buying the palette let alone these puff things that I've never used before. But you know what happened? I ended up buying both 🤷‍♀️

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