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  1. doree T

    Honestly I really wonder about this beauty community… The fakeness n realness… Its confusing.. 💕
    Ig:: chinadoll_doree_
    Tw: doree_t

  2. Suwaiba Sopariwala

    I adore Tati💙💙
    IG: amidthestory

  3. Ama B

    The look on his face says it all
    Twitter : OriginalAmarhB

  4. Lady Masko

    Hmmmmm an eyeshadow palette eh😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  5. Caroline Konculic

    I'm sooo happy för Tati! She deserves all The good wishes! My IG is @knittinglyckebo

  6. Kimberly M

    I'm happy for Tati that she's taking this step forward. I think this will turn out really well for her!

    Twitter: akimbo628

  7. SarahY163

    Sarahy361 Instagram, I don't have Twitter,

  8. Samm Miller

    I'm just commenting because I am out of makeup money due to getting married in a week, but all the stress makes me want to buy unnecessary things, so here I am entering giveaways instead of spending unnecessary cash 🙃.

  9. Karen Lowe

    yoklowe is my Insta… but I don't think Tati was creating drama. I'd be a total stress monster if I had a launch coming out. Especially after the J Hill bomb.

  10. Vasilina Kämppä

    Can't wait to see what else is in her beauty line… I saw pics of foundation and lipsticks… And what will be her price range 🙄
    Instagram : @sumsichka

  11. Meghann Brady

    dude im so excited for Tati's new palette, I can't wait!!!

    twitter: @TheMegnar

  12. 김지원

    James is definitely shading🙄 Honestly excited about tati's palette bc it's not another rainbow palette👀. Not everyone wants a colorful palette, and the neutral tones would be more useful in daily life😂😂 It seems very on brand for her, and can't wait for the reveal! 😀

    Twitter : AnneShirleyFan
    Insta : anne6604

  13. Aimee Clewell

    Can’t wait for Tati’s palette!!!
    Ig: aimeeclewell

  14. Amber C

    Can't wait for her pallette and thanks for the chance to win it !!! Twitter amber60082202

  15. Linda Tannock

    Good luck to Tati with her palette.
    My twitter is @skatergirl70 💖💖

  16. Melmart1

    I am excited for Tati's palette too! Insta: @padawanwriter

  17. The Saltypoet

    Yeah I was sad that other influencers ignored her. IG thesaltypoet

  18. Running Bear

    Shane and Jeffrey are FAKE! Tati is SOOOOO much better with out them!
    I WILL NOT BE WASTING MY MONEY ARE SHANES MERCH OR MAKEUP. I dont support fake pigs. Id rather support tati 💖

  19. Alchemy Queen

    I cant wait to get her pallette!! IG:alchemy_queen

  20. Luna Gray

    TBH I'm really over neutral palettes and I'd love to see her come out with something colorful in the future.


  21. Eva M. Rey Rubio

    I'm sorry for saying the same thing video after video… But Ali… You brought JK back into my life… I really need to know why… Please.. Kuckian part 2

  22. kaeley Chanel

    I’m so excited for when Tatis palette is available. The colors look absolutely stunning! Insta:kiwitower13 Twitter:hunt_kaeley

  23. Kati Redmond

    Kinda shocked by the lack of support for Tati from her peers.

  24. Patti Z

    Twitter : @p_zelinsky

  25. Melissa Yester

    So proud to see how far you have come Ali since the early beautytruthsleuth days!

    @melissayester insta

  26. libni ramos

    Good for Tati, she’s had such a rough year.
    ig: lolita_no

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