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  1. Jamie DiRaimo

    I love this type of video. I have so much makeup I can buy everybody's make a palette. Thank you for helping us consumers out

  2. Tanz Azmat

    You are so pretty😱

  3. Courtney McGrath

    I really dig this style of review. I did a similar thing when she previewed the palette and either didn't have the colors or didn't have a formula I liked. ESPECIALLY the glitters, which I love.

  4. H Walker

    Do you find glitter to be too heavy on mature eyelids? I have never really dabbled in glitter and don't want to look like I'm trying to "look young" lol

  5. Brandy Reynolds

    I doubt I even have 1/8 of these shadows but my interest is definitely piqued and now I wanna go thru and see how many glitters and metallics I actually own. Not many!!🤣 I for sure don’t have anything like this but I’m not feeling like I HAVE to have it. I don’t get the same feeling that I do when I hear about new huda or abh palettes. Great video!!!💛💛💛

  6. Chasity Patton

    Tati’s pallet is one of a kind and I can’t wait to get mine!!! It’s SO unique and I know the quality will be out of this world!

  7. Vannasgran 617

    I love this series. I have so many palettes. I think this is one smart idea

  8. Nikki_1413

    My Tati palette shipped today I’m so excited!! 💕

  9. juliefeathers

    I was gonna pass on the palette until I watched her video and how she really explained the formula .. which because of the coconut oil will be less crepe on mature eyes . Super excited !! I also appreciated the fact the price was reasonable.

  10. sarah sonal

    This makes me even more excited for my tati palette to arrive, especially because I dont have any of the pallettes that you were using to test if you already had this pallette. First time watching you and I really like this format- in an age where everything is telling you to buy buy buy, its refreshing to look at what we have and check before we spend our hard earned $. I do the same with my clothes so why not with makeup?!

  11. Gianna S

    i think the palette is so pretty! i mainly got it because the glitters look just so stunning!! i cant wait to film a tutorial with it

  12. Rafaela Rosário

    Please people, stop the nonsense of buying everything, it is crazy, you buy a palette and use it ten times max, you are producing so much waste for the environment and these youtubers don't need nor deserve your money.

  13. Ace Hardy


  14. Sarah Hirji - Finding.lifes.beauty

    So not what was I expecting!
    Are the sequins like matte with glitter? I feel like people always complain when toofaced does those…because the glitter doesn’t stay on the lids….

  15. Natasha Tiosudarmin

    so glad i found ur channel! 💖

  16. Nelson Quinney

    Outstanding Great Stories

  17. Nelson Quinney

    Enjoyed The Series

  18. Nelson Quinney

    Great Video Christina Brooke

  19. Riza Abongan-Covita

    I think one of this day you are still gonna get Tati's palette coz I can tell you really like it lol

  20. Pamela Rose veliz7

    I still want a review on huda and how many palettes do you have will love to see a palette collection video

  21. Karissa Bakken

    I love this concept and found the information very helpful, but your grammar is driving me nuts!! “I don’t have nothing”… I mean this with respect, and hope the comment is taken as constructive. Your poor grammar makes it difficult to focus on the information!! But otherwise great!!

  22. Glory Loves make up

    Not interested in the tati palette. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  23. Cynthias stylemua

    I have all of these shadows in my Viseart palettes, plus mu Born to Run Palette. I don't need the glitters that aren't even eye safe. If she had used eye safe glitters then I would have bought the palette. Six shades that aren't safe for eyes is a big NO for me.

  24. Paola Owens

    Yes exactly! You have got me asking now… is this new palette unique ENOUGH?!! And most aren’t at all. My question isn’t “can I dupe this?” Anymore….
    it’s very interesting!!

  25. christy cruz

    And why do people say it's her formula! She just design itand arrange color…it pretty but we have those shades nobody will be close enough to your eye to see

  26. christy cruz

    Don't be fooled people it's just arranged in order of color…pur cosmetics did this revolution did this profusion does it Natasha does it it made by spatz lab

  27. Cecile Yang

    Can't wait to see your review and eye look using the pallete!

  28. florita fati

    So u didn’t even have the palette this mean that u didn’t even saw the colors in person or swatched them how u can judge by picture ? If u didn’t touched the formula or see the color in person u can’t judge in my opinion tati nailed it

  29. UniPoLiteca Mtra. ArVi

    It's not only about colors but quality and finishes, that's why tati's palette is so special, the quality seems something out of the charts…

  30. Meow Land

    I totally agree with you. Tati palatte doesn't have alot of colours. You can only get a limited number of eye looks with same shades no matter their texture are different.

  31. Monica Rachele

    What a great video concept! New sub and member of the notification squad here 😃 😘

  32. Fats.h

    Love your makeup and I love her palette

  33. Briauna Koczor

    Those glitters are the reason I was so interested in this palette…I ended up getting two for that reason🙈. Most of my glitters are in colourpop palettes and I don't like using those on my eyes so I'm excited to see if this is a finer glitter and how unique the formula is. And I love that it's neutral and I can use everyday!

  34. Makeup by Haydee

    Ahhh you got me I thought you had the palette 😁 great idea do we for sure have those colors 😘😘

  35. Mariia Weber

    Thanks for this video! 😍

  36. ari salcido


  37. Winter's Beauty

    The glitters are the only thing that gives me pause. 😂 I love the look and lay out of the pallet and as a relatively new make up person I don’t have a lot of pallets.

  38. Allison L.

    I love this video series! I feel so much better about purchasing Tati's pallet. Can't wait to see your looks!!

  39. Safiyya Aminu Idris

    You look so pretty as always, loved your makeup

  40. Linzi Welsh

    I purchased it and can't wait until it gets here!

  41. Amina Mohd

    love this!

  42. Merrily Mari

    I’m reallyyyy liking it but I wanna see the full reveal of the conspiracy palette and then pick one

  43. Swara D

    Love your makeup! You look really pretty Christina! 🖤Keep creating, be happy and stay blessed!! ❤

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