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  1. Gracie Brazeal

    I was with ya until you made an STD joke. It's 2019 girl. Love the review, but please educate yourself and do better!

  2. h h

    Fave drugstore eyeshadow primer?

  3. h h

    Found you thru Tati!

  4. Kember Minnick

    I want this pallette soooo bad. Ugh the struggles

  5. Blooming Rose

    It’s very color poppy. Nice idea but nothing new.

  6. Marcy Byrne

    Beautiful eyeshadow application. I wish STDS were as fun as glitter!

  7. Peony Farm

    Why is everyone doing THE SAME EXACT PINK EYE LOOK???? Do something different!!! Looks beautiful though!!

  8. omee hasmotun

    I love the look you created. New subscriber 🥰🥰

  9. IjustreallyloveCATs

    Makeup application starts at 15:28 😄

  10. Dawn 1

    Gorgeous eyes, wow. You look beautiful

  11. ShaRae Burr

    You are absolutely beautiful 🙌🏼I just ordered this palette I’m so excited! I will for sure be reviewing it on my channel as soon as I get it🙌🏼omg you got such a beautiful heartfelt message from her…I love it! New support here hun🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Lurah25

    To own a whole "library" of Tati palettes would be a dream!

  13. Patti Harvey

    There is just something I trust about Tati. 💗

  14. Pam Duncan

    Of course, she wrote a sweet note, so you'd give a good review..

  15. Gina Miller

    What Tati said about you is spot on! You come across as genuine, sweet & talented! I never get the impression that you are trying to sell something. You seem like someone who if I met, would be a quick friend!

  16. Jennifer Villagomez

    Every one talks about the matte palette finish but it’s awesome it’s CARDBOARD! Eco friendlier than plastic. I purchased it as soon as it came out. Amazing. I never have ever bought a palette in my life. I’m happy this is my first

  17. LoveVanita

    The glitter is too childish for me…I’m saving up for Shane’s pallet

  18. Hannah Graham

    Just ordered mine today !!! Can’t wait until it’s at my front door 🤩it looks so stunning ! The glitter shades look to die forrrr!

  19. Corey Robert

    I love that Tati is introducing me to new people. I purchased her pallet today, and I’m looking to see reviews. I love the look you created. Stunning 💞

  20. Amanda Heath

    I just discovered you because of this review and immediately subscribed! I do have one question though- does she list ingredients anywhere? I couldn’t find anything on her website.

  21. Lori Mandriota

    Your shadow is gorgeous. But what really caught my eye is your Stella & Dot Pave Chevron ring!! I am a stylist. Love that one. xo

  22. Nichole L Phillips

    I love that Tati did her PR and party with her subscribers. More so though that she sent to youtubers that have smaller channels. I have enjoyed finding all of you. New subscriber.
    Ps. Lmao "Its like an STD it spreads"

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