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  1. Haley Hourigan


  2. makeupbysheduly

    Lobe the look!💖 Can you suggest a lip color that one can wear with it?
    Keep creating, be happy and stay blessed!! ❤

  3. Sarai Walle

    Can you do more tutorials with the CD palettes pls thank you !

  4. Ms Meehnia

    Loveee this

  5. Dana Carangi

    Love love love! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. MissMergiona

    Gorgeous look!

  7. Melissa Beekie-Kaisersingh

    Video starts….. click like, cause I know it will be awesome. Love, love this look. ❤

  8. Violetta Karras Sim

    Oh I’m LIVING for this look! My hubby ordered this for me for Christmas 🎄 and this is what I’m doin on my eyes for my birthday next month for sure!
    You killed it again 💗

  9. teresa williams

    Gorgeous as always!

  10. Mimi Kenyon

    One of my favorite looks you've ever done…. stunning

  11. Sandy Wilkerson

    If you had to choose between the Tati textured palette and the Huda Mercury retrograde which one would you ask from Santa?

  12. KuroiMajo


  13. Elia Ramos


  14. Testando e Aprendendo

    So beautiful!!!

  15. Cris Martinez

    Love how you can create so many looks with this palette . Thank you

  16. Katerina Nik

    Amazing makeup, i like it a lot. I Will recreate it in my channel

  17. Saba’s Makeup

    Love love love😍😍💫

  18. Lindsay Sanchez

    Love love love! I definitely need this palette! Also you had told me to tell you what my husband wound up getting me for my birthday yesterday and it was a box of ColourPop palettes! I’m so excited because these are my first CP palettes…he got me Lilac You A Lot, Going Coconuts, Flutter By, and Baby Got Peach! I’m excited to use Flutter By tomorrow for Thanksgiving…it’s a cool toned mauve and pink palette and it’s STUNNING! Thanks for another awesome video and a beautiful look! Have a Happy Thanksgiving Angela!

  19. Makeupby Andrea

    Gorgeous look 💜👌

  20. GlitzandGlamorous

    I love these so much!!

  21. Paola Owens

    Oh the sequin ones!!! 🤩💞 I love that your cut crease are so wearable

  22. Ashleigh Latham

    Beautiful! I don't find Poet to be neutral…I was surprised to see it in the palette but i love it.

  23. Mercedes Kim

    palette not available…

  24. Cat's Eye Beauty

    Thank you so much for dipping into the Poet story! It's a daunting story,but the way you created your look is stunning! 😍😍😍

  25. mafia fabiola genera garcia


  26. pamsmplthing

    That looks is beautiful. I got a palette but is being a Christmas gift to me from my daughter. Can't wait to play with it.😘

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