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  1. Yessie Gonzalez

    Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed this video! Let me know what you think of the palette. Don't forget to enter the giveaway!!!

  2. lisa X

    Looks amazing hun 💜💜 done done Twitter @lisafurness9 love you girl 💜💜

  3. Maria Kaye Paola Manlapaz

    I love Tati and how her brand Tati Beauty enabled a lot of smaller youtubers to be discovered. Just by searching anything related to Tati Beauty–which I think started out as a very beginner friendly brand, I watched beautiful looks get created, from everyday basics to something really wow like you did!

    Question, what does it feel like to be a 'baby' in this industry where 'competition' is very intense with all these big youtubers, it's as if everything has already been done already?

    Twitter and IG: mariakpaola

  4. Bellah Nemetona

    Those brown shades were especially interesting! They screamed Fall, Fall!!🍂🍁🍂🍁 Stunning look ,girl😘😍! You can reach me on IG witch2blush ☺️☺️(i am still thinking what question to ask at Q&A😆)

  5. Carla Maria Anesi Brandao

    Can you do a Halloween makeup with this?

  6. Carla Maria Anesi Brandao

    It is crazy to see how many good channel’s I found because of this pallet. You are super sweet and got another subscriber!! My instagram: @carlabrandao_

  7. Effervescent Sky

    Are there any other vegan and cruelty free recommendations that you have for makeup / hair? Would you do a hair care/hair dye video in the future? I just love your hair!
    You can reach me at @effervescent_sky on instagram 🙂

    I think the colors in this palette are gorgeous and I love the way it's set up. I haven't seen a palette like that before.

  8. Makeup_with_ Franki

    Came from twitter 🥰
    Instagram.com/makeup_with_franki. Twitter.com/franki_wells 💕

  9. Gia Rose

    Hi you're so happy you made my day.. What's a palette wow.. I love how you're boyfriend did the little yay when you opened the box lol.
    My question is did you struggle to do brows the most when you started make-up? I did and I still find one doesn't go as well as the other. I love you're brows 😍

  10. Rahma

    Thank you for the chanceee
    What are you fav acne products ??

  11. ChristinaS209

    What is. You favorite YouTube beauty guru line/collab?


  12. Hollie Rutter

    Hey great video love. The palette isn’t really for me, they aren’t really my shades, but you created such a stunning look. It’s perfect with your hair and that shimmer is gorgeous 💕

  13. Chic Geeks

    I love what you were able to do with your make up here. It look Gorgeous. Great blending technique. Great pallet. What skin care technique do you use? IG:@star_gazer_photos


    I’ve been doing makeup for people who can’t afford to get their makeup done at Salons, I would love to win this giveaway just so I can have more options and more makeup for my clients!! Absolutely loveeee your look😍

    You can reach me @_emmyelizabeth_ on Instagram!

  15. MRSmegra

    Girl I love this look! You did a great job!

  16. Nakamura Sisters

    Nice review!

  17. Beso Beauty

    The eye look came out wonderfully! Also your hair is looking lovely! I'd love to be entered (@besoyt Twitter) I also had a question. How easily are the glitter shades removed?

  18. Günce Kaya

    This palette is gorgeous!. I like the look you created, too. My ig is yonsy would love to win the giveaway

  19. Odaliz Rubio

    When is the next try on haul?! Twitter: luna97sthings

  20. Emily DelBuono

    This palette looks amazing on you😍🌸

  21. The Dressing Room Diaries

    Hi doll. Great job. I can’t wait to get mine. It’s out for delivery so hopefully soon

  22. Sara Cifuentes

    OMG!!! I would love to win this palette 💕💕💕 I hope u do more tutorials with it XOXO

  23. BBinPa

    Excellent video! Thank you for the opportunity to win a palette. My IG bethannb2001.

  24. Ace Hardy

    Taking notes 📝

  25. April Gurule

    I already follow you on all socials!❤ twitter is @i_am_psyduck2 and ig is @april_gurule! My question is what is your all time favorite drugstore product?😘

  26. Lady Aphelion

    I can be reached on Twitter @LadyAphelion!!! This palette is so my speed!!!! I love how much love and thought went into it and I can't wait to see more from her and hopefully own this!!!!

  27. Sarah Starkiller

    thank you so much for this awesome opportunity! You can reach me at @starkillerr on instagram 🙂

  28. Stacie S

    Ahhh! I've found so many new channels that I love by searching the tati palette! It's crazy to think how many channels are out there that you don't even know about until a key word brings them forward! How long have you had your channel for? Thank you for the review and honest feedback! The final look was very glam! You can reach me on IG @snschil. 💞

  29. Lava Knight

    Yessie Gonzalez I’m a new subscriber here!!

    Question: Is there another YouTuber that you draw inspiration from when doing your videos?
    & I love to see you do a natural look with this palette! Is that something you would be interested doing? 😍😍😍
    I really like your vibe & actually don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to eye shadow so I would love to start off with a natural but fun look with this palette 🙂

    My IG is @lava_knight & I would love to win a giveaway for once 💛🎉

  30. Carol's Daily Sauce

    Gorgeous Smokey eye! I love the Ritual roll, love the Story roll as well as he Suit roll. Wow! Look at you girl. Beautiful 😍. This palette is very pigmented. I currently don’t own any vegan shadows. If I win I can be reached at my email prettydiva37@gmail.com. I love your application I’m gong to go play with my makeup after I do homework. Going to Twitter & Instagram.😊. Oh can you tell me the name of the glitter glue again?

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