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  1. Manny Mua

    what do YALL think of blendiful? are yall gonna get it?!

  2. Thyme to Grind

    I think I would get this just for touch ups and powder, I don’t use foundation anyway but I am very curious!

  3. Gizelle Strangis

    Wow this is awesome!!! YASSSS bish!!! I need this in my life!🖤🖤🖤

  4. Sandy Koong

    Well oops. I just purchased it. Fuck sake taxes and shipping and currency conversion cost me $130 for the palette and the blendiful.

  5. Sri Wardhani Bunga Pertiwi

    Wow, your make up does look more flawless

  6. Christina Lee Shewchuk

    Finally watching this and my god I noticed a huge difference just with the primer. Your skin looks so f**king good I'm absolutely shocked. Never have a pore again..

  7. warda saeed

    M in Love with that marble shirt 😍😍

  8. Karen R

    This puff reminds me of my Trish McEvoy puff from forever ago!

  9. Anfal Mohammed

    You should’ve compared and use the beauty blender on the other side of your face

  10. Maria Silva

    I used to watch but after the first dramaggedon i stoped watching all of you guys. But i kinda missed your personality and here i am, coming back :p

  11. Shaneela Rahman

    Dracula sucked.

  12. Esmee Fuentes

    This ENERGY reminds me of when you would drink coke all the time… hahaha i love you

  13. Justine Espedilla

    You look handsome and manly without makeup

  14. Adila

    The third episode sucks bat b*lls. 😞 they ruined it!

  15. Leese Mirelle

    When you started singing “because I’m lazy, lazy” I diedddd! 😂 that’s exactly how I feel! I’m so lazy.

  16. Nitxza

    You have the best edits 💜

  17. skorpia g

    People are gonna break out from this sponge proof thing.

  18. Jodi Elizabeth Kreiner

    ok legit your pores VANISHED 🤯 the puff must’ve blended that primer to filth because you look smooth af !!! like no shade, but yeah usually we can still see some texture (which I LOVE that you don’t use a super blurring filter and keep it 💯), but today, you looked like a DOLL 👀🕺🏻

  19. Its Braxtonmg

    Should this replace my beauty blender or no??

  20. Omega Ω Reecy

    You've literally sold this product to me! I want it so badly ah 😍😭

  21. Dayna Safranek

    Thanks for reviewing Manny. I really trust your opinion on products. 😊

  22. Katherine Patrick

    “It’s a Taurus”
    Me a Taurus: 👀…. watchu trying to say?

  23. Fatima Alvarez

    I also noticed that makes the application very matt and heavy, contrary to a beauty sponge I think it looks more natural, fresh and kind of glowy, but I don't know, it´s my personal opinion

  24. Zoovi


  25. Isac Villanueva

    Oh my gosh Dracula is so good you were right!

  26. Cap'n Jace

    So it is a game changer…

  27. Nancy Loera

    Tati releases really good products.

  28. Lily Rivas

    The editing with the Powerpuff Girls is just everything !!! 🖤

  29. Lilliana Freites

    I think I need these 😭

  30. julian morales

    flip it over if youre lazy!!!!!!!!

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