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  1. Hottstein

    Why talk about James?! Wtf and why start the video with his face?! Aggggg Come onnnn

  2. Charushila Biswas

    Love the palette! Love Tati for chasing her dreams and running away from drama!

  3. Lili Mauve

    Hello Colourpop (mattes with glitter and glitters) with Tati beauty on it for a higher price! Nice to see ya.

  4. Rove R


  5. 90'sBaby 70'sLady

    Regardless of the Halo vitamins backlash it was actually highly highly successful.

  6. Mz. YumYum14

    I don't like how they decided to put all that drama in there instead of just talking about her pallet

  7. lo vi

    Because she invited her subscribers and sent PR of her palette, people are made aware of small youtubers that support her and used the palette, instead of focusing on the usual beauty vloggers reviewing makeup.

  8. adi tya

    Oooh 13 year old did not like this video I guess lol

  9. •いちご

    Can we also stop supporting someone like that

  10. •いちご

    Can we please stop making palettes that are so basic everyone likely has something like that because it’s like the first palette someone will get when they start to use makeup

  11. Annalyn Maique

    The host kinda look like Emilia Clarke…❤

  12. sbdul 1234

    Please don't mention James he has nothing to with Tati launching her makeup line….
    This is her time let her have her moment.

  13. The World Is A Vampire

    She's a clean soul with a right heart. She will grow into a giant beauty brand. You watch.

  14. Jan Waldolf

    Either she is very manipulative or she is a very good person. The palette looks sooooo pretty though.

  15. Rose Polzien

    I am so excited for Tati! And I can’t wait to buy her new palette!! $48 is reasonable I think for the quality and good ingredients!!

  16. McKenzie Larsen

    That sounds really expensive

  17. denz roz

    I love it! Personally, I will buy it but me and my friends were waitibg for Shane's palette. Hope there will still be stock before Christmas!

  18. Olivia

    Tati's palette is the first – and probably only – piece of merchandise/product that I will buy from a creator. ive been looking for a palette like this for a while now and its at such a reasonable price (I was expecting ~$60) I will definitely be getting it. she puts so much care and effort into everything she does, I have no doubts that this palette will be the same!

  19. Angel Caulfield

    I can't wait .

  20. Odette

    Honestly i can buy tati's products blindfolded because i know she tells us her honest opinion amd so sincere to her subscribers😍❤

  21. Daniela

    She is amazing!

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