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  1. Irgendwie Anders

    Did someone insert a Star Trek teleporter at 28:31 ???

  2. antoni boleslawowicz

    I meant to say, below, that the concert was delayed because the bass trombone player was stuck, etc.

  3. antoni boleslawowicz

    Is this recording commercially available? I don’t know how true this is, or where. I read it, but the story goes that this concert —- offering Tchaikovsky’s complete score in one evening —- because the bass trombone player, so essential to the ferocious opening of the Prologue, was stuck in traffic. When he finally took his place, Rozhdestvensky was incensed —- and his downbeat was a swordsman’s lunge; and the opening bit was taken somewhat faster than planned…….the result: Magic! This is the most gorgeous realization of this wonderful score I have ever heard.

  4. samleman Molina

    23 minutes is where its at.
    Tchaokovsky is probaly the only composer that leaves me eyes misty.

  5. Ahab Bellamy

    2:19:07 Vive Liouse

  6. Leonardo Albuquerque de Abreu

    2:19:06 Bourbon restoration

  7. Yoga tonga


  8. Elana Vital

    As a little girl growing up, I always thought of Tchaikovsky as "Princess Music".

  9. Christopher crispytwo

    Happy Birthday, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. 179 years later, you are still loved!

  10. Anson Yeung


  11. Carmela Micallo

    Hepl meeeeeeee!!!! It's important!!!
    What is the title of the music at 2:04:26 ?

  12. Chloe Presley

    1:52:21 – my favourite part. When Aurora is walking through the fireplace and up the spiral staircase in the eerie green light. She's in a daze and an almost hypnotic state. So mysterious, so jarring, so gothic and dark…No wonder it is my favourite part.

  13. Chloe Presley

    To think I never realised that all of this music was used in Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty – my favourite childhood film of all time. Incredible…no wonder the music was so magical and beyond anything in any other Disney movie.

  14. Liz


  15. aishah yosof

    Was that coughing at 43:3643:39?

  16. Chaos Tade

    tchaikovsky was a true genius.

  17. MrsPaul

    I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream…

  18. Delali A

    43:0048:57 is always a masterpiece!

  19. Assistant Google


  20. George Bozhidarov

    Russia is notorious for her severe winters. Her answer to harsh Nature? Ushankis to keep the head warm, and Tchaikovsky to warm the heart!

  21. Lucia Navarro

    Fantásticos conciertos, el domingo es el único día que tengo ocasión de escucharlos acompañando algún arreglo casero o una buena lectura. Gracias a quienes lo publican desinteresadamente.

  22. Eddie Hutchence

    Tchaikovsky is my study buddy!!

  23. 白血球

    I wanna do ballet again!(I quit the ballet two months ago.)

  24. Bernard Saucet

    One more pearl that Rozhdestvensky has left us with an utmost sound quality which is unfortunately not so frequent among all the performances he has put to record. Many thanks for this upload as well as for all the sublime pictures which you grant us on your precious chain.

  25. Joselito Torrecampo

    1:52:22 cat pas de deux

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